What to do when u sell your laptop

  Bike-it 17:28 17 Aug 2019

I have just sold my laptop and i know i need to get all my things off it and set it to factory settings, so what is the best way to do this? also will i need to update windows and all the drivers when i reboot the laptop the first time after resetting?

  WhirlingRound 19:04 17 Aug 2019

Presumably the buyer has yet to take possession of it.

Easiest way would be to run a complete backup of its hdd to an external USB drive. You don't mention which version of Windows is installed, but backing up would be under the control panel/Backup and restore.

If it's just files you've put on there, they should be in C:\Users. All data on other partitions should be copied across too. If in doubt, back it up.

Once done, it would be wise to perform a factory reset using the recovery partition or DVD if there is one. Ensure no personal / financial / sensitive info is left.

Without knowing anything about the sale, particularly on what was agreed between you and the buyer, that's about all the advice I can offer.

Whatever happens, after it leaves your possession, assume you will no longer be able to access what's on it.

  Bike-it 19:10 17 Aug 2019

Thanks, I just found the box of it and inside are three recovery discs I made when I first bought the laptop, is it better to use the discs? When the laptop leave me I want it to be all up to date, oh it's running Windows 10 home.

  john bunyan 19:24 17 Aug 2019

Having got it to just having Windows on it I would use C Cleaner or another programme to wipe the unused space. 3 passes should be ok but it takes hours - at least overnight.

  john bunyan 19:26 17 Aug 2019

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