what do u lot reckon?

  professor 22:10 24 May 2003

ive got me a wonderful coolermaster XDream fan the problem is its so friggin loud despite the silent fan ability. so is there anything else i can do(thats cheap or free)to shut it up other than moving my pc itself under the desk?


  hugh-265156 22:23 24 May 2003

i believe if its 12v you can mod it to run at 7v will be quiter but also slower.

  hugh-265156 22:25 24 May 2003
  professor 22:37 24 May 2003

nice1 huggyg i know ive probably got a rep 4 playing with fire coz i flash BIOSes and tweak things to perfection...but....not even im mad enough to play around changing the voltages of my PSU connectors! i think i'll just dump the pc under the desk...or has anyone got any other ideas?


  hugh-265156 22:54 24 May 2003

cotton wool?

  Rtus 23:02 24 May 2003

Following huggyg71's (no disrespect intended)link aboves fine but may cause problems if the mobo (as most do now)requires fan speed detection to enable it to boot..I have the Thermaltake Silent volcano 9 Its absolutley Huge and so's the noise.Yes you can silence it by using the varipot in circuit Which again can stop the unit booting.I eliminated a lot of noise by using a rubber mat under the base unit damping the transmitted noises through the furniture the computer resides in.A lot of cases today come with hard plastic feet fitted adding rubber tips to these can dramatically reduce noise transmission.Ive used erasers in the past when I couldnt get rubber feet to suit.

  professor 23:23 24 May 2003

how about 2 layers of paper attached to the side panel of my case? as its pure noise im getting no real vibrations.


  professor 23:25 24 May 2003

obviously when i say 2 layers of paper i mean to the inside side of the side panel not the outside.

  hugh-265156 23:30 24 May 2003

thick foam would be better.dont think paper will do much.dynamat is the stuff you need but its expensive.foam would be a lot cheaper.but then you might get a build up of heat so not much point in having the fan in the first place.catch 22

  Mango Grummit 23:37 24 May 2003

NOOOOooooo. Not paper or anything inflamble on the inside. Bad idea!!!

  professor 23:40 24 May 2003

do u really think paper is going to catch fire in a system where its max temp it about 42c? no its not.


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