What do spiders see

  hooligan 14:32 28 May 2004

I saw in a mag click here and tried my site in it click here in and it came up with 15 errors in validator roberts. I dont have a clue what it means. If any one would like to try it for me, you press sim spider from the main site.

I tried it as ive had my site nearly a yr i dont get no feedback, i thought i might have received one, not even a dodgy email, nothing at all


  Taran 15:48 28 May 2004

If memory serves, you have a cott99.karoo.net domain and your gardeningexpert.co.uk address points to it.

If that is the case you're goosed as far as search engines are concerned.

A search engine looks for a domain name and a file underneath it. You domain name points to another domain name, with files underneath it, so the engines stop dead in their tracks because they can't see the files.

The only real way around this is to rent a proper web host account, put your site on it and off you go.

If you had gardeningexpert.co.uk/index.hml then the search spiders would index it and be able to read it. As it stands, they are trying to see cott99.karoo.net/index.html underneath gardeningexpert.co.uk and a domain nehind a domain stops the spiders dead.

If you enter the cott99.karoo.net/index.html address you get exactly what the search engine will see, and you may be surprised to find that they read the page as you or I would, checking and comparing keyword and description metatags with the page text content.

Web Mania click here will host your website for £20 plus VAT per year which has to be good value. You could transfer your gardeningexpert.co.uk address to a Web Mania account, upload your NetObjects files to the web space they provide, and the search engines will index your site straight away.

The specialist nature of your site means that people are unlikely to stumble qacross it in general web surfing. Include the web address on all business cards, compliment slips, invoices and letterheads and make sure you hand something with your site address on to everyone you work for. Word will spread.

  hooligan 16:44 28 May 2004

Cheers i will host with one and one soon, i will use them as my names with them.Can i use my freespace for something else and use the nof to do it ie 2 sites one program and is it easy to put it on one and one.

  hooligan 16:51 28 May 2004

no i wont i will use web mania as i dont have to pay to transfer. last time i looked there i thought i had to pay about 15£ must have got it wrong.

  Taran 16:51 28 May 2004

You can publish from NOF to any web host you like, provided that you have an account with them of course. Each hosted account will have a username and password for upload access, so if you like you could have your gardening site on 1&1 or whichever web host you decide to use, and you can use your cott99.karoo.net address for something else entirely.

One point to keep in mind is that if anybody has your cott99.karoo.net address in their favourites and you put a different site on there, they will not get what they expected to get when they visit your site. You may consider this an acceptable risk and if so, just go for it.

You can either publish your gardening site to both your cott99.karoo.net address and your gardeningexpert.co.uk address when you arrange a hosted account for it, or you can have two completely different sites. One idea would be to use your cott99.karoo.net address to test any ideas you may have prior to uploading to your shiny new gardeningexpert.co.uk address. Quite a few people use their ISP webspace to test sites before publishing them to a live domain.

  hooligan 19:13 28 May 2004

I will do that soon, i dont think any will have it as favs. Well the ones i no have i will tell em.

No i dont mind criticism but its not finished yet i add bits all the time. i never made it to get work from just to put a few pics on and give a bit of advice. I thought there was a good bit of info. do i need a lot more ?

I dont get the hits, do i stand a better chance of someone seeing it when i go to web mania.

  Taran 22:37 28 May 2004

You stand a better chance with the site on a real domain of it being indexed by search engines, but that doesn't meant to say anyone will visit it via Google.

The nature of what you do is, I would have thought, quite local. Perhaps it may be better to target your home county in a big way rather than try to tackle the world. I don't mean that sarcastically either.

Get in touch with some of the local papers, put flyers in newsagent windows, that sort of thing. Most areas have one or more free papers and many of them are looking for little fillers as editorial content. Perhaps if you approached them on the basis of offering a helpful hints via the web to compliment your paid services they might feature you. Who knows ? The worst they could do is say no.

I can't stress enough the value of letterheads, invoices and business cards with your name, company name, address, telephone number and website address.

Many people hold onto bills and invoices for some time and if the topic of conversation ever turns to your field of expertise they may well think to dig out an invoice or rummage for the card you gave them to pass your details along to friends and family.

This is one of the key ways of getting noticed if you are running a small business. Make sure you do a good job, leave people feeling like their money was well spent, and leave them the literature to get in touch in the future. I've often had contact from people who were given an old business card by someone I did some work for several years previously. A good reputation lasts and you'd be surprised at how long people remember you.

If you do any work for hotels, B&Bs, office blocks or local businesses, ask them to keep a stack of your business cards in the foyer. That kind of thing goes a long way to spread the word about you.

A lot of small businesses make the big mistake of dealing in cash with little or no paperwork. This is always a huge mistake since every client you have is a potential advert and the cost of business literature is comparatively small. You can even get the software to do your own cards and letterheads. In fact, you may already have something suitable already installed. Keep your business cards, letterheads and compliment slips of the same overall theme or design to give an air of corporate branding. It looks professional and leaves people with a method to get back in touch or put others in touch with you.

The web is a wonderful place and can do a lot of things for a lot of people. In most cases though, you need to give things a helpful nudge in the right direction and your business literature is just one of several ways that you could generate interest in your site. Most successes on the web are the result of one of two things:

1. either an incredibly original idea, concept, service or item for sale is offerd


2. a lot of very hard work is put into the whole setup

Both approaches still rely on a degree of luck and an element of "right place, right time".

I'll leave you with this. If you have your gardeningexpert.co.uk domain on its own web host account with your gardening site uploaded to it the search engines will at least find it, which has to be worth the few pounds a year Web Mania charge. One thing I would look at though, is metatags. Your pages have little in the way of useful metatags and while they aren't as important as they once were they still have a role to play in site search engine indexing.

  hooligan 09:08 29 May 2004

I will use web mania soon. And cheers for the other tips taran.

Pheasants in the garden ..no idea ive never seen one. wait till its asleep and tidy up.

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