What to do with printer

  carver 11:44 01 Sep 2003

I'm going to buy a new printer because the printer I'm using is a Lexmark Z52 and the ink-jet costs are ridiculous, BUT what do you do with the old printer?. It seems a waste to just throw it away when it still works. Any sensible ideas?.

The better half has told me I can't keep it as a spare.

  -pops- 11:48 01 Sep 2003

Give it to a school?

  captain birdseye 11:59 01 Sep 2003

why not advertise it in the free ads in your local paper...free to good home, buyer collects.

Its ridiculous now. I can buy a new printer (complete with cartridges)for less money than I would pay for the cartridges alone, but you are not supposed to notice that and as you have found the printer manufactures play on the guilt trip....its working perfetly why should I throw it away. Its a mad world we are living in.

  TBH1 12:11 01 Sep 2003

can you not get 'clone' cartridges for Lexmark ??

  -pops- 12:41 01 Sep 2003

It's not quite true about new printers being cheaper than replacement cartridges. Very often (and certainly in the case of Lexmark) the cartrdges supplied with a new printer are only part full.

  alcudia 12:42 01 Sep 2003

You could try one of the many shops that seem to be opening up to see if you can get them refilled.

  Pesala 13:05 01 Sep 2003

Or the free ads in your local paper. Give it away - buyer collects, or try a Church jumble sale. If you get no response, put it on top of the bin in its original box if possible, with a note to say that it is working, and all the drivers and cables, and see if the binman wants it. I doubt if it is worth shipping it to the 3rd world.

  marjted 13:20 01 Sep 2003

Have you looked here?
click here

  Wak 15:48 01 Sep 2003

HI Carver, I have a Lexmark X75 and must admit that the cartridges are a bit pricey.
However, I get refill kits from click here and refill the black cartridge for £2.50 and the colour cartridge for £1.30. It takes about 10 minutes.
The kits come complete with all necessary tools and full instructions and in spite of what other people say about it being a dirty procedure, I got only one finger a bit inky the last time, and it soon washes off.
Why not try the black refill kit for starters??
You can only lose about £10.00 but think about what you could be gaining in the long run!!!!

  Fateful Shadow 15:56 01 Sep 2003

I've got a Lexmark Z52 too. They do tend to eat cash, but I've also had a look at some of the refil kits and I can't see one for the Z52 cartridges.

If someone else could find one for them I'd be happy and i think carver would be too :)

  pj123 17:03 01 Sep 2003

Well, Tonezone are offering a black compatible cartridge for the Z52 for £14. go to click here but you would probably be better off buying an Epson printer and getting your ink from click here the maximum you would pay for a cartridge it £6. Try click here to sell your Lexmark, it has worked for me in the past.

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