What Do Internet Speeds Actually Mean?

  cubeladd 14:15 26 Feb 2004

Iam a little confused as what internet speeds actually mean? Iam currently on a 150kb/s modem, which should mean that I can download 1mb in less than 10 seconds, but obviously this isn't the case.

Iam going to upgrade to a 1mb connection in a few weeks, so if anyone could explain what I can expect from that it would be helpful.

  Jester2K 14:24 26 Feb 2004

The kbs means kiloBITS not kiloBYTES so no you can't download 1Mb in 10 seconds....

150 kb/s is 150 kiloBITS per second.

  cubeladd 14:30 26 Feb 2004

So is there 100 or 1000 kilobits in a kilobyte?

..dumb question I know

  Jester2K 14:31 26 Feb 2004

8 i think therefore 1 mb should take about 80 seconds (1 min 20 secs)

  Mysticnas 14:51 26 Feb 2004

Kilo = 1000, kilobytes in a megabyte = 1000. But cuz this IT world wants to go change the system, it's 1024kb = 1mb.

i need sleep.

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