What do i need for Wireless Lan?

  *Gary* 21:05 22 Sep 2003

I was just wondering what i actually need to set up a wireless network because i am considering buying a wireless pcmcia card for my laptop (802.11g 54mbs) and also a PCI Wireless network card (802.11g 54mbs) for my desktop. Is this all i need or do i have to have an access point aswell?

  pinka 21:24 22 Sep 2003

had a drink and cant be bothered reading it but this should help click here story/0,10801,82489,00.html?from=imutopicheads click here

  Kitz E Kat 00:10 23 Sep 2003

you do need an access point, i just set up a wireless network...

I got the PCMCIA card for the laptop and the access point , which i have hooked up to my hub which is hooked up to me ADSL modem....

All the gear i got is Linksys, and was pretty painless to set up....

And is worth the money in my book....

No more WarChalking,damm well near wore me paws off!!!

Now all us Katz can sit on the shed roof and surf all night long....

Do it!!!
Kitz E Kat

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