What do I need for a wireless broadband connection

  Andy-man 21:18 06 Sep 2005

I have an ntl cable modem & a 2Mb broadband connection to my desktop PC. I've just acquired a laptop and want to share the broadband connection. Apart from a router I'm not sure what I need; and to be honest I don't even know what kind of router.

If anyone can enlighten me it would be appreciated, or at least ask the questions I need to answer first!

Many thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 22:56 06 Sep 2005

ntlworld.com - Actiontec
click here

This might help

  palinka 20:33 07 Sep 2005

try this click here I'm not suggesting you necessarily buy this from BT, but it shows what you need and explains it all. I was in your position 6 months ago and found this info very helpful.If the laptop already has a PCIA card (or equivalent) built-in then you only need the router and the PCI adapter for the desktop. And as you already have broadband you won't need filters. Basically the router replaces your existing BB modem, the PCI adapter goes inside your desktop - don't worry, it's easy - and you put a PCIA card in the slot at the side of your laptiop if it hasn't already got the equivalent built in. There will be a disk to deal with the set-up.

  Tim1964 00:33 09 Sep 2005

palinka, Andy-man has NTL cable BB so an ADSL router won't work.

Andy, I have the same set up as you, NTL 2Mb BB with a desktop and a lappy. The desktop is connected 'wired' to the Linksys BEFW11S4 router and the lappy conects wirelessly by a Linksys USB adapter (a bit bigger than a 'dongle' but the same idea).

You won't even need to use the software that comes with the gear

If you power down the PC, modem and router, then Switch on the modem. Leave for Sync and ready lights to stay on. Switch on router (till lights stable. Power on PC.

Then Power off everything, then connect the lappy wirelessly and power up again.

You should find the connection has been made (as if by magic) The only net connection problems I had was when it came to the SSID and WEP stuff.

Good luck

  PUNKA 08:52 10 Sep 2005

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