What do i need to do before selling laptop?

  whisked 22:27 05 Sep 2005

I am looking for some tips and advice as i have just listed my Sony Vaio laptop on Ebay and want to know what to do before parting with it.

Questions that spring to mind;

Do i create a recovery disk using the Vaio Recovery Tool?

Whats the best way to clear personal info like passwords, bank cards/account numbers, cookies, brower history. I have Cyberscrub, is this as good as i can get?

Many thanks for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:37 05 Sep 2005

Format and reinstall the OS; that is all that it will need.

  AndySD 22:40 05 Sep 2005

Did it not come with a set of recovery CD's?

If it did then after making sure you have backed up all the information you want to keep, run the cd's in order and this will restore it to its initial state.

  LastChip 23:00 05 Sep 2005

A format will NOT destroy data on a hard drive, it simply makes it inaccessible and the space available to be written over. If you want to prove that, click here and download this program to find out just how much data you can recover.

You need a method by which all your present data is overwritten, then format and reinstall the operating system. click here for one such program, which will run from a floppy or CD. There are other programs including commercial offerings.

  Skills 23:05 05 Sep 2005

For these instances I use killdisk found click here it is free and can either be downloaded as a boot cd or floppy disk.

It will complete erase partion information, and overwrite all the data on the drive.

Once you have run it through you will need to re partion the hard drive and then reinstall your operating systems, drivers etc.

  Superstylin 23:05 05 Sep 2005

i'll be selling my pc soon so i'll keep this for 'my postings'..once it's back online

  whisked 23:14 05 Sep 2005

Thanks for the replies so far. Cyberscrub which i mentioned destroys all info beyond recovery or is meant to! So use that to eliminate personal info, then save what i want to keep and then do a format?

  ashdav 23:55 05 Sep 2005

Your best course is to run killdisk. (you will have to copy it to a cd as laptops won't run floppies) then reinstall Windows. A basic installation will do so that your buyer can at least run it.

  Taff36 09:00 06 Sep 2005

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