What do I need for BB.

  Meshuga 13:29 07 Mar 2004

What is the difference between a adsl modem and a adsl router. I have been given confusing advice as to what I need to get to set up BB.One suggestion was to get a single port router. I asked in pcworld and the salesman had not heard of a single port one but had 4 port ones. What do I actually need please.Meshuga.

  LastChip 13:35 07 Mar 2004

If you only have one machine to connect to broadband, an ADSL modem.

If you are networking more than one, an ADSL Router with the appropriate number of ports. Four would be a minimum.

  Meshuga 14:01 07 Mar 2004

Hi LastChip. Just the onePC. Thanks for responding. Meshuga.

  PhiltheFragger 14:07 07 Mar 2004

One point

Most ADSL modems are USB based and these can cause system problems on older machines.

a 4 port modem / router Costs about £50 and connects via an ethernet or LAN cable, this is much less strenuous on the system and you can always add in extra computers later to form a network

  LastChip 14:16 07 Mar 2004

If your likely to stay with one machine for the foreseeable future and you have a spare PCI slot on your machine, I would recommend one of these click here

You bypass all the likely USB setup problems that can be both a pain and expensive to resolve.

You will need a filter for each of the telephone(s), answer machines, FAX's or what ever you have. It is not ADSL that is filtered, it is your other devices. So, if you have a separate telephone and FAX for example, two filters!

  SEASHANTY 16:59 07 Mar 2004

Some info on ADSL on the broadbandbuyers Hardware Guide
click here

  Meshuga 17:58 07 Mar 2004

In view of the foregoing comments regarding USB and ethernet connections is it possible to get an adapter to convert the usb connection to an ethernet connection as i already have a usb adsl modem. Meshuga.

  LastChip 18:40 07 Mar 2004

If you already have a USB modem, try it first, it may work without problems.

However, a number of Helproom members have found, particularly with the Alcatel modem, a powered hub is the only answer to get a stable connection. Maybe you wont fall into that category.

  Meshuga 19:24 07 Mar 2004

Many thanks LastChip. I do have a powered hub so that won`t be a problem.Many thanks for your help and thaks also to the others who have responded. Regards, Meshuga.

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