What do I need - an audio/video sender ?

  whichpc4me 00:22 06 Aug 2008

I would appreciate any advice to help me find the best solution in connecting the following:
In my downstairs lounge I have a Samsung LCD TV with a built in Freeview receiver which provides DTV on the freeview channels. I also have it connected to a skydigibox which provides lots of other channels (not in HD). I've recently purchased a wireless PC (Medion akoya MD8393) from Aldi which is in an upstairs room. It includes a DVB-S/Analogue/Digital (DVB-T) TV Tuner, and the room has a telephone socket which provides the ideal place for my wireless router which supplies a high speed broadband service. I moved my older PC (not wireless) to another upstairs room to make way for the new one and so it is no longer connected to the internet as the ethernet cable won't reach. I wanted to be able to access the web from both PC's but this is not possible at the moment as there is no telephone socket in the room which houses my old PC. The most obvious solution would probably be to run a telephone extension cable between the two upstairs rooms so that I can connect the old PC to the wireless hub via an ethernet cable and the new PC would also be connected by wireless. I would also like to send the TV signal upstairs to my new PC which has two antenna sockets for both analogue & DVB-T and analogue & DVB-S. At the moment I can only get the 5 main terrestrial channels from a portable analogue aerial, but the picture isn't very good on my HDI monitor. I've read the 'How to' guide on Maplin's website but I'm not sure which of their products would best get the job done and I don't want to get the wrong ones. Any help would be much appreciated.

  MCE2K5 00:49 06 Aug 2008

Have you tried conecting an Outdoor aerial to the PC Upstairs.

Make and Model TV Card.

"new PC which has two antenna sockets for both analogue & DVB-T and analogue & DVB-S":

Unsure about this bit, as DVB-T is 'Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial'


DVB-S is 'Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite'

DVB-S does not use a Standard antenna socket.

  DieSse 00:51 06 Aug 2008

"it is no longer connected to the internet as the ethernet cable won't reach."

Up to 100m cable can be used on ethernet, so a simple answer is to get a longer cable. You don't need another telephone socket, unless you want to move the router.

OR you can add wireless to your old PC.

To get the TV signals upstairs, you could use a video sender - as long as you have a video input on that PC (all PCs have an audio input) - that's not an aerial type connector - it's a video capture card or USB video capture box, normally.

However, you have two sources of pictures (3 if you count analogue) - the Freeview box, and the Sky box. It will be much simpler if you concentrate on just one of them for upstairs.

You could get a double or quad output LNB for you sky dish, and feed it to your digital TV Tuner in the PC - then you should be able to get all the unencrypted channels from Sky and Freesat.

  DieSse 00:56 06 Aug 2008

You could also (as suggested above) get you main aerial cable split, and feed that into your TV tuner.

Be aware that if you split an aerial cable, you get a much reduced signal - maybe even too much for Freeview boxes, depending where you live and your aerial. To split a signal correctly you need a powered splitter which boosts the signal as well as splitting it, so you get a good signal in each cable.

  whichpc4me 13:07 06 Aug 2008

Thanks for the advice regarding the longer ethernet cable, DieSse. I wasn't sure if a longer cable would affect upload/download speeds but there's no problem running a cable between the two rooms as it will be safely hidden under the carpets.
I think that this would also be a lot cheaper than making the old PC wireless.

For PC spec (see click here)
It doesn't appear to give the name of the TV Tuner Card manufacturer.

As for viewing TV on my new PC, I would settle for receiving the analogue signal from my skydigibox rather than only the Freeview digital channels. Can anyone recommend a suitable sender without it costing the earth ?
I'd rather not mess around with splitting the aerial cable with a powered splitter thanks.

  whichpc4me 23:24 06 Aug 2008

Has anyone used one of those USB2.0 WiFi keys ?
I was thinking that it may be better to plug one of these into my old PC instead of using a 10m ethernet cable. I would then still be able to connect to the internet wherever I move the PC to within my house.
Can anyone recommend a good wireless transmitter for sending the TV signal upstairs ?

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