What do I do with red-sensitive paper?

  May the Schwarz be with you... 16:41 15 Jun 2003

Hi, I was at the market a while ago and my friend picked up some box from near one of the stalls because they were about to chuck it away. My friend thought it might be some free photo printing paper but I have absolutely no idea about what it is. It's made by Agfa, resin-coated, 30.5cm x 45.75 m and says something about safelight being dark green? Anyone know what I can do with this and whether you can use it to print photos on with normal printers such as my Epson 460? Cheers.

  -pops- 16:50 15 Jun 2003

From your description, it's photographic printing paper with a panchromatic light sensitivity (much like the sensitivity of normal B/W film).

You cannot use it in any other way than as traditional silver based photographic paper.


  anchor 16:51 15 Jun 2003

Sounds very much like some form of photo printing paper designed for the dark room.

No use whatsoever for using with any form of inkjet or laser printer.

Well, it's still free paper so I guess I could use it for scrap. Or I could sell it but who would want to buy it?

  -pops- 17:42 15 Jun 2003

Pan sensitive paper is unusual and it is quite possibly for some specialist use - industrial or medical, perhaps.

I'm doubtful that your average amateur photographer would find much use for it.


  Mysticnas 18:05 15 Jun 2003

i know someone who may put it to use. If you're around Hertfordshrie area, lemme know.

Don't suppose London is any close to Hertfordshire is it?

Oh well, I gave the paper to my little sister so that she can write on it. Paper is quite unusual. It normally has this blue-green colour on it but if you roll a bit of it out and leave it exposed to light for a few minutes, it turns blue. If you roll out a bit more, you can see a distinct line formed between the 2 colours. How fascinating.

  spuds 21:30 15 Jun 2003

Not being photographic paper minded, I would be a little wary as to the reason of disposal of this product.Especially as a little sister is involved. Why not telephone Agfa for further advice!!.

Reason is because I can't really do anything with it and it seems harmless enough. She's 12 so I think it should be safe. It ain't radioactive or anything is it?

  slysy 18:16 16 Jun 2003

"it seems harmless enough"
"I think it should be safe"
Use your sister as a guinea pig, do you realy dislike her?

I like your style though,
Dont know what its is or how harmfull it is so I will give it to my sister.

Let me know if it does cause her problems, I get some and give it my neighbours ankle biters.

  Diemmess 18:21 16 Jun 2003

One more opinion!

It is resin coated - good (nice smooth surface)

The Bad News - It is for special photographic purposes and will darken slowly once exposed to white light, whether or not it has gone through a developing bath process.

There is no danger whatsoever to any user except disappointment when the paper goes a blotchy grey.

In my place Class "C" paper is stuff that has been printed on one side. This is class "C9" fit only for making throw away notes, and taking phone messages

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