What do I do next?

  aitch2 11:29 04 Aug 2013

Bought an Acer laptop to replace my daughters 6yr old hand-me-down (WinXP). Came with Win8 and I find myself completely overwhelmed by it. So used to coming through the Win3.1/ 95/98/XP/win7 route, that I really am struggling as I don't find the interface very intuitive. Don't know whether to downgrade to Win7, or have a dual boot option? Even looked at some of the skins to change the appearance to Win7 etc. I realise that the future might be Win9/ Win 10, but for the moment don't want the hassle so wondering what I might do next? The appearance skins look an easy option but are they any good? Any suggestions?

  aitch2 13:37 04 Aug 2013

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a go.

  Peter 16:24 04 Aug 2013

Marked for future reference to Jock1e's links.

Thanks Jock1e.


  rdave13 17:11 04 Aug 2013

aitch2 , think of the Start page as the old 'programs list' but with eye candy. From there you can start any program including the desktop and you can change back and forth with just putting the mouse cursor to top left. The F8 link Jock1e posted to is good. The start menu is crap in my most humble opinion. When in the sdtart page right click a blank space and select 'all apps' and you get the full 'all programs' with eye candy. Selecting any one automatically directs to the desktop anyway. If you're used to 7 then 8 should be a doddle.

  rdave13 19:16 04 Aug 2013

Jock1e , It may well be an age thing , what utter rubbish if I may be so polite.

OK, we do agree to disagree, so Win 8.1, whatever the upgrade, will still be a disappointment to your good self I think. I'd go for Linux or UBunto.

Better not, posted a forlorn thread that even the mighty Linux will be going down the same route as Apple and now Windows.

Umm.. XP might be good for you?

  rdave13 22:21 04 Aug 2013

Jock1e, progress never is 'simple'. And as you say the older we get the more complicated things seem. I think it is because we might get a bit lethargic in learning new tricks :)

  Woolwell 22:39 04 Aug 2013

IMO W8 is worth persevering with. The problem is expectations that it will be like previous versions. 3.1 to 95 was a big jump but so was XP and Vista and W7 and its libraries, etc. I had things that worked on W98 but didn't work on XP and then things that worked on XP that didn't work on Vista or W7. So far I haven't found anything that works on W7 that doesn't work on W8. It's not an age thing but how quickly it takes to adapt. Some younger people don't adapt well to changes either.

The "problem with W8" is that it is best with a touch screen. I find that on my W8 touchscreen laptop it works well. Very quick boot and easy to get around. Creating a few shortcuts on the desktop helps. Initially I couldn't work out how to easily close an app. It is actually quite easy with a touchscreen.

  rdave13 22:52 04 Aug 2013

I use Win 8 from the desktop mainly. I have a few metro apps I use but not many. Keyboard and mouse. Whether it is best with a touchscreen is another question.

  aitch2 08:26 05 Aug 2013

Interesting few posts since my last one. I'm all for technology and its progress but Win8 does not seem intuitive for me. It might be an age thing (after all I had my first cheque from DWP last week) but having been brought up through a working life to approach things in a logical manner, Win8 leaves me baffled. If, for example, I want to strip a pump down, there is a logical and common sense approach to its isolation before it can be removed and repaired. It appears to me that Win8 is removing that pump without 'isolation'. Crude example I know, but when I strip down a motorbike engine, the same principles apply so that re-assembly is easy. Even win3.1, had a start and stop button. There is the 'marmite' factor as well, but I don't think I am alone in my dislike of it, yet I can see that it will become, one day, Win9 or Win10. Microsoft could have given us the option and I seem to remember that the best way to set the video was to ask the 4yr old. So I shall give the suggestions a try. Thanks,

  Woolwell 11:29 05 Aug 2013

Jock1e - In the cold light of day and re-reading my post it could be construed as insulting. That was not the intention and apologies if I have caused offence.

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