What to do with Downloaded Desktop Files

  GADGETMAN21UK 00:10 15 Sep 2003

Hi all

As a PC & Internet Novice I would like some guidence with regards to downloads.

I have just downloaded to desktop a Lexmark Driver and the free Zonealarm. Both unzipped & installed o'k, but before installing I coppied both to CD for future ref.

Its what to do with these two desktop icons now, can I just delete them or would this cause problems. If left does it double the size on hard disk ie; the amount installed & the amount still on the desktop. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am a novice and just wanted to keep my desktop tidy.

Thanks G

  Djohn 00:28 15 Sep 2003

You can leave them on your PC, or delete them now you have saved them to CD.

Go into your "My Documents", right click on an empty space, then choose new folder, give it a name, [Downloads], then left click on the Icons that you have downloaded to your desktop, hold the button down and drag both files into your new folder. In future, when you do a download, direct it to your new folder and save there. Regards. j.

  JIM 00:30 15 Sep 2003

Both unzipped & installed o'k, but before installing I coppied both to CD for future ref.

Good pratice as back up.Your two desktop icons if they are the downloaded files would cause no problems as a rule,but would create folder for them and future downloaded programs. ie. (In my documents or somwhere else)so you have all downloads together incase of reinstall.

As Djohn has posted,( i had already typed):)

  GADGETMAN21UK 00:53 16 Sep 2003

Thank you both for the information given.

I have saved both files to a folder in "My Documents" like you advised, but out of interest if you download somthing like Zonealarm, when you install it you add 3.58MB onto the Hard Drive.
If you then save this file in "My Documents" does this add another 3.58MB onto the Hard Drive.

Regards G

  leo49 01:03 16 Sep 2003

Sure it'll take up space but it might not be exactly the same amount as it will unpack during installation[right click and select properties to see the size].

As you've got it on CDR, you're only really retaining the Install package on your HDD out of convenience should you need to reinstall[saves rooting around to find the right CDR].

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