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  [DELETED] 20:28 27 Aug 2003

I am looking for a digital camera for under £100. I have been looking at dabs.com website and have come up with quite a few in my price range. I have found three that stand out to me as being good value for money but are they as I know nothing about digital cameras. They are the Codak CX6200, HP Photosmart 320 and the Trust 820 LCD Powercam Zoom. Are they any good or do you have any suggestions.


  [DELETED] 21:10 27 Aug 2003

I know you state 'under £100' you are not going to get much for this. £300 will get you 3mp + 3x Optical zoom, and there's lots to choose from. You will be amazed at the quality pics. I don't think I will be the only one saying this..Lap..

  [DELETED] 21:22 27 Aug 2003

I'm no expert, but when I was looking to buy one of my main concideration was how many pixels it had i.e mine has 3.2, has this reflects how large a picture can be. Aslo how much detail will be contained in that picture.

Another area I would look into is not only how much memory that it has on board, but weather this is expandable with a memory card, also what type some are more expensive to buy than others.

I brought a Vivitar 3715, from my local Asda's of all places, but at about a tenner more than the kodac and other similar brands, I got a hell of a lot more, it is compatable with there £200+ price range. I've been very pleased with the results from it. If I remember rightly there were a couple that was cheaper than the one I brought, mine cost £137.

I would advise that you use the strongest recharagable Ni-cad type batteries as pos, has digitals eat batteries, I have found that even when the camera says they lost there power, there is still enough left to run less power hungry items, i.e game boys ect.

I hope this helps a little bit, but it will bump up your thread again, so that some-one else might see it.

  [DELETED] 21:28 27 Aug 2003

For this sort of money you are unlikely to find anything with optical zoom (unless you buy old technology).

Recommend you also look at Olympus Camedia C150.

click here

It really all depends what you want it for.


  [DELETED] 21:32 27 Aug 2003

P.S. See here for spec.

click here


  [DELETED] 21:37 27 Aug 2003

P.P.S. Price includes vat but there is £9 extra for carriage (UK).


  Pauper 22:00 27 Aug 2003

If your budget is that limited you may wish to look at second hand items, if you purchase from somewhere like Jessops, you will even get a warranty.

  [DELETED] 09:08 28 Aug 2003

Thanks for your suggestions. I think i will go for the Camedia C150 as it does everything I need.

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 15:43 28 Aug 2003

I've decided on a trust 910z from Staples, it has a massive 5 megapixels, optical and digital zoom and for around £148.00 inc VAT (instore only not online)
see spec for your self at
click here

I don't think you could beet this for value.

  [DELETED] 16:19 28 Aug 2003

I suggest you go first to somewhere where you can handle them. When I bought mine I did this & found the camera that was at the top of my list was very awkward to use, so I eventually bought different one.
When you've done that test you can then buy it wherever it's cheapest.

  [DELETED] 16:41 28 Aug 2003

I have tried the Trust 910z and found it quite easy to use, I have been using my dads kodak DX3600 and found it to be quite similar in the way it worked.

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