What determines screen size for photos?

  graham√ 17:32 04 Jul 2003

When I download photos from my camera, via a card reader, on to my XP comp, save them on to CD and give to my sister, they are too big. I can change the size with Irfanview, but what to? They look OK on my PC, even if I change the screen resolution.

  DieSse 18:04 04 Jul 2003

"...give to my sister, they are too big"

How though, does she view them - what OS and what program.

The problem, as always with pictures, is twofold - how many pixels do they have (and how that relates to the screen) - and are they zoomed in the picture viewer.

Some picture viewers automatically zoom in and out, so that the picture, whatever the number of pixels in it, is viewed at a sensible size - Others don't so the picture appears on the screen at it's actual pixel size, and usually too large, sometimes too small.

Check the actual picture size before you give or send them to her, and resize them to say, 400 pixels wide. Then assuming. they are viewed on an 800x600 screen, they will be half the size of the screen.

Or suggest she gets a viewer that does automatic zooming.

  rubella 18:19 04 Jul 2003

in irfanview: view/fit window to image. that'll show you the real size of the image you're sending.

  rubella 18:21 04 Jul 2003

conversely, if she is using irfanview she could click: view/fit images to window

  Patr100 18:24 04 Jul 2003

The reason that photos appear bigger than the edge of the screen is that they need to be that in order to be a high enough resolution to print -otherwise they would appear too blurry/grainy on paper.

Keep the original file ans size if you ever might want to print the photo but for general viewing on screen and email it need not be "saved as" any larger than 800 by 600 pixels or even 640 by 480 pixels.

  graham√ 19:34 04 Jul 2003

They have windows 95 with no additions! From a previous question I concluded that Paint would be used for viewing. The comp is not used a lot as they are more interested in gardenning, so their screen resolution is difficult to ascertain.

  Brazils 20:04 04 Jul 2003

Whats the resolution of your camera? How many pixels?

A 3million pixel camera can produce images over 2000 pixels wide. At full size that is four times bigger than than the average 17" monitor's 1024x768 resolution.

Just resize them as Patr100 says and all should be OK for your sister to view them. It may pay to copy the image first to keep the original safe.

  graham√ 20:17 04 Jul 2003

Thanks, but that's the reason for my question. When I look at the pictures, before any changes, their properties are 1600x1200, which look perfect on my monitor, set at 800x600. So is the 1600x1200 set by my camera? If my sisters monitor is set to the same as mine, would the pictures display OK, without me changing them before saving to CD?

  Brazils 20:42 04 Jul 2003

The original resolution of the image is determined by your camera. It usually can be set on the camera via its menus. I assume it's a 2 million pixel model.

The image is zoomed out by whatever picture viewer you use in XP, and is not viewed full size. XP's picture viewer does this automatically for example. Most image editing software allows you to alter the view.

Now, if your sister, who does not have the benefit of XP, does not view the images with a viewer that automatically alters their size on screen, they will appear too big.

Hope this helps a bit more.

  graham√ 20:58 04 Jul 2003

So I need my sister to find the resolution of their monitor. Thanks all.

  Brazils 21:05 04 Jul 2003

I very much doubt if she will have a resolution of 1600x1200, if she has Windoze 95!!

I really do think you will need to resize your images, unless she gets some image viewing software.

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