What determines compatability between motherboard and LCD screen?

  benfinden 13:05 26 Nov 2014

Hey Guys. My first post. Hoping this forum is the help I have been looking for.

What is the relationship between LCD and motherboard?


I have a Sony VPCEA2C5E E-series 14". After a few years of constant use and abuse i decided to replace some parts.

I bought a Sony VPCEA3S1E from ebay which I knew had a dead motherboard but the guy had a recently purchased new LCD before realising the motherboard was the issue.

I swapped over various parts that I needed. Nothing critical, just chassis, hinges, fan, etc.

Then i tried the LCD and it didnt work. Put the old back in and it worked.

Can someone explain to me how compatibility works with motherboards and LCD screens please? They were both E-series so NAIVELY I thought it would work.clearly not.

Thank you


  onthelimit1 13:25 26 Nov 2014

There are so many variations in the chips and wiring on the back of the LCDs. The only way to be sure is to note the part number on the back. This is also the safest way when buying a new screen.

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