What is a DAT File

  mammak 20:28 09 Aug 2003

Hello you good people, my darling 17 yr old daughter
has been at home for the weekend, on checking my comp after she left, on my cdrive ,in my download,s found 3 of these file,s "2,804kb, 402kb, 1,0004 kb
what on earth are they, my step daughter who his 25 say,s they are data base ??? ihave ran an AV, spybot, and adware all is ok, how do i open them to see what they are if i dare, lol or do i get rid , regard,s Mammak

  powerless 20:38 09 Aug 2003

DAT is is a DATA file. It could contain anything as the file when complete could be a program, mp3, picture etc.

You can sometimes open them with notepad. Also Windows media player, weather or not you'll be able to see, hear what the file is varies...

"on checking my comp after she left, on my cdrive ,in my download,s found 3 of these file,s "2,804kb, 402kb, 1,0004"

Delete them if you have no use for them.

You could aslo ask her?

  powerless 20:39 09 Aug 2003

a DATA file can be pretty much anything...

  Valvegrid 20:41 09 Aug 2003

Yes, they'er data files. Can you delete them? If you can't, they may be Index.dat files which are system files windows supposedly uses for storing internet info.

What Windows version are you usingXP or Win98?


  mammak 20:44 09 Aug 2003

Thank,s Powerless i will off course ask her, but as i have no need for them, i will delete, as my comp is at no risk,no harm done, thanks again Mammak.

  rawprawn 20:46 09 Aug 2003

If they are index.dat files you can see some of what is contained by changing .dat to .txt & opening them, Super cleaner will let you look at all the content. You cannot delete index.dat files while the OS is running you need a "cleaner" & it deletes them on restart.

  mammak 20:50 09 Aug 2003

Hi Valvegrid, i am using win xp pro, have not as yet
tried deleting them as i would wait to ask my daughter, if she is in need, but if not i will try an get rid. regard,s Mammak

  User-312386 21:04 09 Aug 2003

The ".DAT" extension is often used to indicate a file containing arbitrary "data."

Some applications that have a format of their own choosing simply use .DAT.

This means that as a user, you must have your own way to figure out how to open the file.

There is no single way to open or view a .DAT file since there can many different types of content.

The best way is to ask whoever gave you the file what application should be used to open it.

  mammak 21:30 09 Aug 2003

Thanks to you all, took you all up on your suggestions cant open this file i will post back when i manage to delete it, as i think that is all it is worth
regards Mammak

  User-312386 21:38 09 Aug 2003

dont delete .dat files

they could have useful data that may be needed by windows

  mammak 22:52 09 Aug 2003

ok madboy33®©, i wont delete it, as it is doing no harm, thank,s again, Mammak

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