what is currently the fastest /best wireless modem

  pootelwootel 19:54 28 Jun 2006

what is currently the fastest /best wireless modem router.?
and will it be any faster than a bt 105 modem (wired )using aol platinum
any help gratefully recieved

  Nazzarenu Boy 20:03 28 Jun 2006

the wirelles n technology is being developed... It is involving that the wirelles rates will be more than 100mb/s. At this time in the market there are Draft-n and Mimo tecnology at the topcharts of the fastest and (best???) wirelles router.

This is to the info i know.....

Hope this can help.... I cant give you what is the best router because i have never ever tested a wireles router pratically..... but have a lot about this stuff theoraticaly......

  mgmcc 21:13 28 Jun 2006

The current standard for wireless networking is 802.11g which supports a (theoretical) data transfer speed of 54Mbps. Most manufacturers supply proprietary hardware claiming speeds of twice this or more, but this requires the use of both their proprietary router and proprietary adapters.

However, even 54Mbps is very much faster than the comparatively slow speed (in networking terms) of a broadband connection. It is only for file sharing between computers that the data transfer speed becomes significant.

  pootelwootel 21:50 28 Jun 2006

thanks for your advice all
many thanks

  Minkey1 16:49 29 Jun 2006

As I work from home and move big files around I went for the Netgear Rangemax 240 range, in conjunction with a switch from BT to Telewest's cable 10meg service. It's an old house with solid walls and I wanted something with "reach" and "punch" and it delivers on both. It's Netgear's proprietary variation on 11g and network icon speeds in nearby rooms show throughput of up to 240 Mbps, although I've no way of actually measuring this. In practice file copies/moves are as quick or quicker than our 100 meg ethernet connections.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. It is expensive and to get the best out of it you need their matching adapters.

Interestingly, a recently comparison with their latest draft 11n kit shows the Rangemax 11g variant performs better and doesn't have the risk of conflicts with older networks that pre 11n can introduce.

I'd certainly avoid pre 11n kit till the experts finally ratify a standard.

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