What is CSRSS.exe

  theDarkness 17:06 16 Mar 2009

What is CSRSS.exe? In the task manager i have 2 of them, in the users column one is under 'system', the other under my user name. The one under my name is in capital letters, both are not being used by the cpu, but they both take up around 3 mb of memory.. any ideas? I cannot turn them off as they are supposedly needed ms files, but if so why two of them running at once?

  bremner 17:19 16 Mar 2009

click here for an explanation.

  theDarkness 18:07 16 Mar 2009

thanks. im thinking the cloned process in capital letters i have labelled under my name instead of system, 'CSRSS.exe' might be the one i need to get rid of, but i am not connected to the net on that system at all. The only thing i have installed recently is an external hard drive, ashampoo core tuner (from the latest pc advisor disc!) and a file encryption program (Hibit) which was from its official website?

  theDarkness 18:20 16 Mar 2009

I managed to search the entire system for both of these executables. One is only 6 kb, the other is 120 kb. I am running xp. I have scanned both of these files with norton antivirus and nothing comes up, so im assuming even though i cant explain as to why i have both of these processes running at once, i should have fairly little to worry about? Can anyone give further info as to why i have 2 identical named processes running

  theDarkness 19:08 16 Mar 2009

Ok ill recommend to avoid Hibit as this program also installs a clone CSRSS.exe 120 kb file thats hard to delete, despite the fact that their program itself might have been good. labelling one of their processes identically to a microsoft one is rather sneaky and doesnt give out the impression of a legitimate company. Shameful! Make sure you have more than one account as this has now buggered up my user account, i can no longer log in. I cannot choose a guest account either.. aaargh

I got the info here
click here

..but now i can no longer access my user account on my pc, even though i definately got rid of the correct version of the file! any ideas how i can get my pc working again? I did not have any other accounts on the system, and guest account was switched off

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