what cpu ?

  ashdav 16:59 26 Dec 2004

I've decided ,after much googling,to build a new pc based around the Abit NF7-S ver2 mobo as this has the features that I want. I'm not sure which cpu to get for it though. Do I go for a Sempron (lower cache but also lower price) or try to find an Athlon XP (better spec but getting like hens teeth these days). Advice as to which model of either would be appreciated. I intend to use DR400 ram. Main use will be for processing video for dvd but not games.

  georgemac 17:59 26 Dec 2004

semperon performance is not too far below athlon xp, so if there is a huge price difference get a semperon

an athlon xp-mobile will overclock with ease, and runs at 266 fsb so many people could have great performance with their current board and ram click here this will easily overclock to same speed as aroung xp3000 by increasing the core voltage, multiplier & fsb, I've never done it but am hoping to shortly

the athlon 64 is the best performer for games, and the 939 pin winchester uses the least power and runs coolest, and will probably be the cpu of choice early next year.

for video though the p4 apparently is the best cpu.

  stefan-194811 18:07 26 Dec 2004

go for the athlon xp 2500+ and upgrade your fan & heat sink to a rated 3200+ min.

make sure its the barton core because this chip is very overclockable aslong as u have a good fan, and with good memory running dual channel, this chip is awesome can easily be clocked to 3200+ athlon speed running 400MHz and its totally stable and thats playing doom 3 etc all on max res.

Not sure how easy it is to overclock with a abit motherboard but i'd check if i was u.

And your right about the avalabilty of these chips but they are available on e-buyer for about £57 and a artec fan and copper base £8 roughly. But u compare this to a 3200+ and its a good saving for very little work.

Read the reviews on e-buyer for the 2500+ barton AthlonXP.

Im purchasing one of these myself asap.

PS don't bother with the sempron chips there no good.

  ashdav 18:17 26 Dec 2004

thanks for the replies. Apparently Abit boards are very clockable but your warranty goes out the window. I was leaning towards the 2500 but I just wanted some confirmation. Happy new year to you both.

  georgemac 18:42 26 Dec 2004

be careful about what you buy - an athlon xp 2500 barton is the desktop version, core voltage 1.65 volts, and depending on manufacture date the multiplier may be locked, so the multiplier cannot be changed (I think) - the ones which have the multiplier unlocked are very overclockable

the xp-m or xp-mobile which I have linked to above are designed for notebooks, and designed to run at a lower core voltage and have adjustable multiplier for notebook power saving options. They are extremely overclockable in desktops as long as your motherboard gives you the overclocking options.

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