What could this be?? Windows Updates?

  PhiltheFragger 09:43 30 Jun 2007

im stumped
I have a home built Athlon 64 3500 running on a gigabyte 939 mobo, 250gb sata drive and 2 gb DDr RAM, built about 2 years ago

system became unstable so i reformatted C drive I have XP prof pre SP1

REformat went fine, Driver load from disc went fine
but when I do windows update, it freezes after the initial software download.

Now it has downloaded the update software it freezez within 30 seconds of startup

but works ok in safe mode.

I have swapped a different hard drive, no difference

Looks like a software issue

Any ideas


  Stuartli 09:46 30 Jun 2007

Have you also installed SP2?

  birdface 10:12 30 Jun 2007

Have you tried Device Manager to see if there are any conflicts.

  PhiltheFragger 10:17 30 Jun 2007

Device manager looks ok after driver install. it all goes to pot during the first set of windows updates.
Ie The ones you install before SP2.

I have SP2 on disc, think i may install that after the driver install and see what happens

  Joe R 10:19 30 Jun 2007


try your system with only one stick of ram,(changing them around), and if this doesn't work, can you try another power supply.

It's also possible that your cpu fan also may not be cooling down your cpu enough.

  PhiltheFragger 10:22 30 Jun 2007

Have already swapped the RAM and PSU

I dont think it is heat related
The machine will work for hours in safe mode, I know its cruising at that point,

but it is definately linked to the act of getting windows updates

  p;3 10:32 30 Jun 2007

might ask from where is the XP disc obtained as the updater will be authenticating the XP version ; OR

how much volume OF update do you have to grap? as it may be better to grab it in small digestible snacks than a huge un -edible meal

also;you do need to put SP2 on there as you are at risk if you do not ;

and be aware that IE7 lurks in the updates and you may wish to stay away from it; so be selective in what you take on board in that respect

  PhiltheFragger 10:44 30 Jun 2007

The XP disc is an upgrade version in the blue & orange folder. It asks for an earlier disc on reformat.

I load xp. drivers, and pass activation.

I then go to windows update, I accept the microsoft install screen loads the program and it starts to sweep . it is at this point that it jams.

The whole machine locks and when you restart it is so unstable.

am currently reformatting again and will load SP2 on before trying to contact the update server again

  p;3 10:57 30 Jun 2007

when doing the windows updating do you get the kind of bubble line going across the screan as if it is 'thinking' or checking the available updates ...and taking rather a long long time TO think?how long do you leave it before you start to get frustrated with it?

  PhiltheFragger 11:27 30 Jun 2007

It does this "checking for a couple of minutes then freezes

  p;3 11:36 30 Jun 2007

just for a kind of 'test' can you give it say 10-15 minutes to see if it 'unfreezes'?

I have an old xp machine here (not the machine I am running now)and on ITS first few runs to update took ONE HELL of a long time TO 'think about it'::))

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