What is a correct working temperature?

  AFB 21:46 29 Jun 2003

I have an Acer G500 with an athlon2600+, 512Mbs Ram and 8oGb hard disc. I have found that it runs at 160/165 degrees F. Is this about correct or should I fit a more powerful cooling system. I have set the BIOS to cut out at 160 degrees and just recently ( in the warmer weather) it has cut out after running for an hour or so.
Also when I allow it to cool down, my Copperjet modem will not connect until the temp has dropped to less than 100Deg F.

  flecc 11:55 30 Jun 2003

That temperature (in the low seventies Centigrade) is within the Athlon's working range which goes up to a maximum of 90C (194F) but is a bit high for comfort and improved cooling would be a good idea. Getting the temperature down to the 120 to 140F region would be sufficient.

There seems to be something wrong with that modem though, since refusal to work when the CPU temperature is above 100F (37C) is very odd. It's impossible to say what that fault might be though since it could range from a dry joint to an internal chip fault. Assuming it's a PCI modem, it would be cheap and easy to replace though.

  second best 15:16 30 Jun 2003

i have been in this forum many times with the same query, as my 1.1 amd athlon runs at around 60C. some say that the temp is ok at 80-90c others say it should be 30-40c. i made a note of the serial number or product code on the cpu and it turns out that my particular cpu is set to run at 60-65C so the temp is ok, but others still disagree. even the amd website won't give a definite temp. however, i have xp and it locks all the time anyway. but it has been doing it for 2 years now and i've tried almost everyhting. not a solution, just piece of mind that you;'re not the only one having trouble, but i guess you already know that!!:)

  flecc 21:46 30 Jun 2003

Your Athlon 1.1, which is a Thunderbird, can be run at up to 90 degrees C and this is done routinely by overclockers. However, this is the absolute maximum that AMD regard as acceptable, after that you're on your own.

As you say, there is no recommended figure for running Athlons, but technically the best possible performance is obtained by running at or near to hysteresis temperature. This is variable depending on other factors, but for your chip is around 40 degrees C.

Some temperature monitors like that supplied with Biostar motherboards give the hysteresis temperature, but the performance differences using that are very small and unimportant in typical computing applications.

  AFB 22:03 30 Jun 2003

Thank you Flecc and Second best, I have set my bios cutoff to 70 degrees and, although its a bit high, my mind is easier knowing that it SHOULD be OK at even higher running temps.
It just seemed a bit high after my old PC (AMD K2 300Mh) that seemed to run happily at 45degreesC.
I shall rest easier now, LOL

  flecc 22:31 30 Jun 2003

Yes, you'll definitely be OK with that. Although it might sound high, it's just hot water temperature, less than three quarters of the boiling point of water, nothing much for the silicon base of the chip.

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