What is constantly contacting the internet?

  Carafaraday 08:15 18 Dec 2006

For the last new days the Zone Alarm icon in the task bar has been constantly lighting up briefly every 10 seconds or so. This didn't happen before.

I have run AVG, Skybot and Adaware and deleted all temp files, cookies etc.

I have tried a system restore to the time before the latest Windows update on Wednesday 13th.

I seem to remember I had this problem a few years ago but sadly can't remember what I did about it. I think it was something pretty harmless like the HP pc help programme or something like that.

I have tried taskmanager but there are so many things running there (about 37) and I don't know what is is safe to try and stop running without causing a total crash.

If anyone knows how I can find out (and stop) this irritation, I would be very grateful.

  hzhzhzhz 08:31 18 Dec 2006

"I don't know what is is safe to try and stop running"

This may help click here

  Carafaraday 08:34 18 Dec 2006

Thank you for the link. Have you used this yourself?

  hzhzhzhz 08:37 18 Dec 2006


  keith-236785 09:38 18 Dec 2006

the ZA icon blinking/lighting up shows it is stopping an attempt to hack your pc, it might only be your own ISP's ping to see if you are still connected.

one way to check is to view the log and see if you can pinpoint where the "attacks" are coming from.

as for stopping things in the task manager, maybe you are being a little too hasty, firewalls are constantl monitoring your connection and will show hack attempts from known safe sources such as your ISP as well as malicious/unknown attempts.

about every 10 seconds all the lights on my modem flash to show internet activity, im sure this is only my ISP.

if you are really worried then the paid for ZA has a location finder to show where the attacks are coming from, this only poinpoints it to a rough location (and lets face it, people who are upto no good usually use someone elses unprotected system anyway) but the majority of the attacks i found were coming from America and China. i dont know anyone there so didnt bother, my system stayed safe because ZA was doing its job and blocking the pings.

if you are really worried about your security, visit this site click here and check out the "YOUR three muskateers" programs, i run all 3 of them to protect my system. the last one is to remove the ads that come with Messenger.

good luck

  Chris the Ancient 10:07 18 Dec 2006

It can depend on your modem or router.

I have a Netgear router/modem, and every few seconds, it 'polls' the internet link to make sure that it;s still connected. Not a lot else happens. I don't get an alarm or flashing red light if my link 'drops out' - which it does too often.

  Carafaraday 11:13 18 Dec 2006

Thank you both for your reassurance. I'm probably just being paranoid.

  Carafaraday 11:20 18 Dec 2006

Had a look at the log and it appears that teh culprit is svchost.exe. Sometimes it is, as you suggested, contacting my isp on 192 etc. The other times is is going for 255.255.255 or similar. Anyone any idea what this is?

  Gongoozler 11:26 18 Dec 2006

svchost is part of the Generic Host Process. It should be allowed internet access. click here

  Gongoozler 11:33 18 Dec 2006

It has been suggested click here that you can use Process Explorer click here to find which process is using svchost to access the internet.

  Carafaraday 12:25 18 Dec 2006

Gongoozler - thank you for all your links.

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