what computer to buy so many choices

  jonoadams75 20:45 18 Nov 2007

hi iam after a new computer, i have seen the dream pc from Scan the white cobra and computers from beast computeres and ultraviolet, but i am really torn on what to buy, i want to get a top notch all singing PC which can play the latest games like Cysis with exceptional graphics.But being the naive novice i am i dont know where to start lokking and whether i can justify £5k on a pc which will mainly be for gaming and internet , please could anyone offer me some direction
many thanks

  skidzy 20:55 18 Nov 2007

£5000....blimey,you have money to burn.

I think you are seriously spolit for choice with that budget.You will have plenty of change.

Firstly think of your games and operating system.

Vista is reknown for being unable to play to play a lot of the older games,but if you want the DX 10 games,you need Vista.

Im not a gamer, but plenty here are and maybe you will be better advised by them.

My advice would be to ring Novatech and explain exactly what you want and let them build one for you.
They will advise you accordingly if you have a few issues in what to select.

Novatech are if not one of the most reliable companies in the country (uk)click here

  skidzy 20:57 18 Nov 2007


Should read

" Novatech are if not one of the best and most reliable companies in the country ".

  Strawballs 21:15 18 Nov 2007
  jonoadams75 21:43 18 Nov 2007

thankyoufor your quick response and sound advise, 5k is a lot of money to burn i know , im not minted i just wanted to treat myself to a new pc .With the spec from novatech do you think i need water cooling or is this overated, i know i need good cooling for such a powerful machine but dont know what.
Also do you thing buying a dream pc like the white cobra from scan or a top end pc from beast is a waste of money when all i want to do is play war games or first person shooters like crysis or call of duty 4.
I just want a fast pc and incredible graphics to immerse myself in the game really could anyone also recommend a good monitor flat screen maybe 27inch, sorry for all the questions just wanted to choose wisley as i know components change every month.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 18 Nov 2007

In my opinion and others may disagree with me, you only need water cooling if you overclock a system otherwise a decent case with decent fans and heatsinks will be adequate. What Novatech will supply you with will have been tested and will be cool enough.
I've never had watercooling but I could never afford a blisteringly fast PC either.
As far as I'm concerned the only real advantage with water cooling is that it is quieter as I wouldn't overclock a PC.
Never had a monitor anything like as large as that but I'm sure someone will comment.
If you really want to spend a huge amount of money then configure your own at Cougar click here

  jonoadams75 08:36 19 Nov 2007

many thanks for your response everyone much appreciated

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:25 19 Nov 2007

If you have that much money and are really into gaming then there is no point faffing around, go to Cougar or click here and have a chat with them.


  DrScott 00:39 21 Nov 2007

need to spend more than about £1500 for a really good gaming system. Part of the Scan Cobra costs is in the paint job - £950 alone :)

You really need to know your hardware when you're spending that amount of money, and be aware of what you're buying - i.e. clever cooling loops, pre-overclocked, anodised cases etc. etc. - and also be aware that the actual hardware will be valueless within a year.

If you still want to spend this amount of money then you need to do a lot of reading and research, e.g. maintenance of watercooling, limits of overclocking, size of screen you want, effectiveness of SLI or Crossfire (not worth it IMO). Also bear in mind that even the most expensive graphics cards on the market today still cannot play directX 10.0 games at their highest resolutions - more are in the pipeline however.


  Strawballs 19:56 21 Nov 2007

If it is for gameing then this one click here is availible from Dec 5th and uses Nvidia SLi tri 8800gts (three cards) that's 2304meg of graphics

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