what components

  exhumed 12:16 12 Mar 2005

Not a hard one for you good folks.A mate wants to build his first computer but he wants cheap.He wants to play the latest games,surf the net and word processing.So what I am looking for is advise on mobo,chip+fan,memory and the all important graphics card.Advise on other bits and bobs welcome.Over to you and thanks in advance.

  mattyc_92 12:38 12 Mar 2005

Well, I can't name each make and their pros and cons ('cause it will take too long), but you will be looking at areound 200 to 500 pounds if you want the system fast, sharp graphics, loads of memory and be able to play the LATEST games with ease....

  exhumed 13:09 12 Mar 2005

thanks, but really looking for named components,again thanks for your time.

  FelixTCat 13:42 12 Mar 2005

"Cheap" and "Play the latest games" don't really go together :)

These days, if you are starting from scratch, it costs more to build your own computer than to buy one ready built. Not only that, but with a ready-built, there are likely to be fewer problems and little chance of incompatibility between components. Also, you get a guarantee on the whole system.

I would recommend that he looks through the adverts and reviews in computer mags to get some idea of which components work best and looks at prices of whole systems.

  exhumed 18:25 12 Mar 2005

but it is more satisfactual

  FelixTCat 18:58 12 Mar 2005

Very true. You learn a lot by building a computer.

I hope he has a lot of spare hair - he will have pulled most of it out by the time he's finished :o)

  citadel 19:41 12 Mar 2005

playing the latest games requires a 3g processor or better. 1024 of ram, a gforce 6800 or better, a top qualaty power supply. these do not come cheap.

  The BB 19:54 12 Mar 2005

Importantly you need something QUIET. All the power and speed builds up heat and that means fans and unless you are careful you have an Airbus beside you and then the volume on the surround sound goes up to compensate and that little game after the pub rocks the house. Sadly its not something that is often printed, and in a shop or office it is easily overlooked.
Again though this goes against cost ...

FE can you have a load word (I assume the computers are on) with the reviewers at PDA to add db to the reviews please ;-)

  TomJerry 20:18 12 Mar 2005

you will find both of them have game PCs with very keen price

it is not easy to beat them on price if DIY

Basically, you (or he) need to name a maximum price, then people can work out a combination with reasonable trade-off

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