what is a codec and why cant i find it...??

  scouse1957 21:45 18 Feb 2006

i`ve downloaded some videos and they ask for a codec..???
what is it and how do i get one...???

  Jackcoms 21:51 18 Feb 2006

I depends on the software you've installed. But try click here

  namtas 21:52 18 Feb 2006

It is special dedcoding process, there are various different application depending what coding was used

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 18 Feb 2006

CODEC FINDER 5.1 click here

  phono 21:54 18 Feb 2006

codec is a mnemonic for coder/decoder, it is software that will allow video/audio players to decode and play various typrs of files.

You need to know what code you require and download it, you can usually tell from the file extension.

For example, a .ram extension is for a Real Media type file, .ogg an Ogg Vorbis type file and so on.

Once you know simply do a google for .xyz codec, not literally xyz of course, and download and install the codec required.

Others can probably help better but, as far as I know, it is possible to download a package that contains the most popular codecs.

  Thalmus 22:14 18 Feb 2006

The K-lite codec pack is what you want, contains every codec you will ever need

click here

  namtas 22:15 18 Feb 2006

Divx (my earlier posting) will play almost all automatically, this saves you the problem of sorting out different formats.

  scouse1957 22:39 21 Dec 2006

in what way do i connect a t.v,freeview box,video and dvd to get the best picture and still record on video...there seems to be many wires and leads.....???

  woodchip 23:09 21 Dec 2006

If you think of your SKY box that decodes signals sent to your TV. Without it, No Sky

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