What is cloud storage and conputing?

  geek84 15:25 05 Nov 2013

Hi Folks

I've heard a lot about cloud storage/computing, but can't exactly understand what it is.

Could someone be kind enough to explain this in layman's terms?

Thank U.

  Zak 17:01 05 Nov 2013

Google has the answers; a couple of links for you to have a look at:

Cloud computing

Cloud storage

  iscanut 18:55 05 Nov 2013

In very basic terms..... Your data and programs are accessed and stored on a remote server somewhere in the big wide world.

  lotvic 20:22 05 Nov 2013

A basic example is Webmail.

  mole1944 12:16 06 Nov 2013

Trouble with cloud storage you never know who is peeking at your data, i run my own cloud via a WD nas drive a tad more secure,3tb and no monthly fee. As we have seen google etal seem to let the world and his wife snoop on your saved data

  Forum Editor 13:31 17 Feb 2014

In this context a Cloud is simply a server, or a collection of servers that run 24 hours a day. You access them (normally) via the internet, and store data on them, as has been said by the others.

You can access your data via any computer, anywhere in the world, that is connected to the internet.

People who operate Cloud storage services go to some lengths to assure you that their system is reliable and secure, and that's where a question of personal judgment arises. You must decide whether or not you can have faith in these claims, and generally speaking you can; no Cloud service is going to survive for long if peoples' data security is compromised.

  lotvic 13:50 17 Feb 2014


normanpritchard59 seems to be making a habit of dragging up old threads.

  iscanut 16:35 17 Feb 2014

That may be so BUT the original poster has not ticked this as resolved so it is still open. Looks life FE has deleted the posting from norman ! geek84..tick this as resolved please.

  lotvic 22:24 17 Feb 2014

iscanut2, FE has now deleted all of norman.. posts, spam.

as for hoping geek84 will suddenly be able to use the green tick - doubt it very much - have a look at profile, nary a one in over 4 years.

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