What to choose? Better CPU or GPU ?

  J—bird 20:36 09 Apr 2017


I need some help choosing between 2 laptops.

LT1 has a i7-7700 CPU and a GTX 1050ti 4GB GPU

LT2 has a i5-6300 CPU and a GTX 1060 3GB GPU

the rest of the specs match.

My question is what would be the best buy? Use it for study, gaming and AUTOCAD Inventor

Thanks in advance. -J

  Archonar 09:15 10 Apr 2017

Personally I would say the 1060. An i5 will handle all games, everyday use and though I'm not familiar with how cpu demanding autocad is I would imagine it will handle that as well (the recommended specs are well below both of the laptops). The 1060 will give you a big graphics boost in games (see here) so I think that would be the better choice.

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