What is the cheapest easiest way to...............

  [DELETED] 19:45 27 Dec 2003

......To share a broadband connection between 2 PC's.

I have NTL 600K Broadband through a modem not set top box and want to share the connection between the 2 PC's, the first is running XP home and has Ethernet & USB port's the second is running WIN 98 and again has ethernet & USB ports.

The first PC is allways on while the second is only used occasionally.

Thanks for any help.

  gold 47 23:11 27 Dec 2003

I am new to broadband but have found in my case i am with AOL you can use two broadband modems one on each computer but like dial up you can't use two at the same time and as i have found with ADSL one computer must be powered down not left in standbye

  [DELETED] 23:52 27 Dec 2003

I've only got the one modem and want to be able to use the connection on both machines at once.

  [DELETED] 00:14 28 Dec 2003

How is the modem connected?

  [DELETED] 00:17 28 Dec 2003

At the moment it's connected via USB to the PC with XP Home, If I want to use the internet on the WIN 98 pc I have to unplug the modem and plug it in via USB

  [DELETED] 00:32 28 Dec 2003

link both PC`s via a X-over cable, run the network wizard on the PX pc, follow instructions
run the floppy in the win98 pc, and off you go

  [DELETED] 00:38 28 Dec 2003

What floppy, I don't have a floppy drive on my XP Machine.

I take it you mean some kind of ethernet cable, will the one I got with the cable modem be the right one or will it be a trip to PC World tomorrow.

How long are the cables????

  [DELETED] 02:55 28 Dec 2003

jason u need to purchase a crossover cable to connect both RJ45 ethernet ports.
Xp wizard will configure your master computer but the floppy it creates will not run on win98.

I still recommend running the xp network wizard but do not create a floppy at the end of the wizard process just end without creating.
Once youve re-booted goto programs/accessories/command prompt and type IPCONFIG/ALL and make a note of your configuration details such as IP address and manually configure the 98 machine once u have your cable.

  Roadgiant 07:57 28 Dec 2003

Should not be a problem with using a floppy created under Xp on a pc with 98 on, or from memory I think you can even use your Xp disc in your 98 machine to set the network up.
Look under Xp help "Home amd small office networking" for more help.
As far as x-over cables go I bought mine from a computer fair about £4 for a 15 metre cable,I don't know what sort of lenght you need or PCW stock.
One other thing to be wary of is firewalls, I seem to remember that when I set my 2 pc's up (same as you 1 Xp, 1 W98 on NTL) I had quite a few problems getting it right, eventually ended up with one Pc with ZoneAlarm free and one with ZoneAlarm Pro.

  [DELETED] 09:42 28 Dec 2003

& have been down the route of trying to share broadband via an X-over cable with an XP & a 98 machine.

Oh the headaches! Oh the problems! After a while of trying I got it working using a separate program other than Internet Connection Sharing, but it never did run smoothly.

Gave up in the end, & bought a wired router for £60. All of my problems & headaches disappeared without a trace. The whole setup runs like a dream, including sharing files & printers.

If you can, get a router, it's so much easier & less complicated.

  [DELETED] 15:09 28 Dec 2003

A router using network cables (not USB) will allow you to share your internet connection. The router I purchased last week from a computer fair cost £29 ORIGO brand, and works just fine straight out of the box. It also has a USB printer port to allow shared printing - although I have not used this option yet.

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