what is this CCIMSCN.EXE

  Blues Brothers 11:49 04 Apr 2005

Anyone tell me what the file actually is please CCIMSCN.EXE

Many thanks

  pauldonovan 11:58 04 Apr 2005


I've seen this mis-spelt as:


sounds like it is part of Norton and lots of worms try to disable it by a quick search on google.

  pk470 12:01 04 Apr 2005

Are you running Symantec software? also worth running Spyhunter or Spy spot if you have any of this software installed.

  Blues Brothers 12:06 04 Apr 2005

I copied and pasted the name of the file, so i guess its correct. I found it here

C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\CCIMSCN.EXE-1B653416.pf ( Size: 58KB Modified: 4/4/2005 )

Is this where to expect a norton file ?

  pauldonovan 12:16 04 Apr 2005

..quite unusual that an exe shows up that google doesn't find anything really useful about!

What brought it to your attention?

It sounds from this article about prefetch that at some point that exe was ran on your PC. I would therefore search your entire disks for that exe to make sure it isn't there, then you might want to just delete from prefetch.

Apparently you can delete all prefetch files as allegedly they can begin to impact performance.

  Gongoozler 12:22 04 Apr 2005

As far as I understand, Prefetch simply holds recently used installation files. I also believe that CCIMSCN.EXE is part of Norton. Some worms try to disable it, but as long as your Norton AV is working properly I don't think you have a problem there.

  Blues Brothers 13:09 04 Apr 2005

I run a gaming clan and part of this means i scan for cheats. One of the members had this file which was highlighted by the cheat scanner. I dont believe it is a cheat but would like more info to confirm.

  pauldonovan 13:32 04 Apr 2005

...part of Norton so i'd move on to other files in your list if there are others. I doubt that is the 'cheat'.

  Blues Brothers 13:56 04 Apr 2005

Great stuff thanks for all your help guys.

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