What is causing upload speed restriction on my Laptop

  colsky 13:57 19 Sep 2014

HI all, my upload speed on my laptop has, within the last couple of weeks, started being restricted. I am getting no more than around 3000KB/s, where I used to get 100000KB/s.

My download speed has remained normal and when I run a speed test my upload speed is still there. If I unplug my Ethernet cable and plug in another computer it works fine, so I know its something on the laptop.

I dont have a restore point to go back to, I have tried changing the duplex settings, tried resetting using netstat.

Now I am at a loss, any ideas anyone?

Dell Vostro 3555, Windows 7, 64 Bit 4GB RAM

  colsky 15:17 22 Sep 2014

Definitely upload and its a wired connection but I have just done some tests today and i have the following results

Broadband Max speed test results 31096kbps download 29969kbps upload

Speedtest.net 27.59Mbps download 52.91Mbps upload

Tested downloading using java applet and was getting an average of 4000KB/s

Tested uploading and was getting no more than 2740KB/s

Now I know I need to speak to our provider as my speeds are not what they should be but how come my upload is not performing as it was -

Its this machine, as if i plug in my other computer my speeds are

download 46075 kbps upload 61214 kbps

  tullie 19:24 22 Sep 2014

I get 37mb download and 9.5 upload so the posters figures dont look right to me,someone correct me?

  colsky 09:37 23 Sep 2014

Haha, please man, the upload and download speed should be 100Mbps down and 100Mbps upload, its what we pay for and normally what we get. My upload speed legitimacy is not the issue, its this darn laptop and I just wish there was a way I could diagnose what is causing the restriction on upload. It must be something I have done you would think.

Just to recap, i have just plugged my mac in with the same cable, to the same port and uploaded a 1.2GB file in 2mins with my speed peaking at 10750KB/s

If I plug my laptop in swapping that same ethernet cable I cannot get over 3000KB/s

I used to be able to get the same speeds as the Mac one mentioned above.

Does anyone know how I can either a:diagnose the issue or b:know a solution?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:38 23 Sep 2014

" I just wish there was a way I could diagnose what is causing the restriction on upload."

To start with, boot your computer into "Safe Mode with Networking" and test your upload speeds again. Are they normal or still poor? When you've finished testing, reboot normally, let me know what you discovered, and we'll take it from there.

  colsky 14:44 23 Sep 2014

Thanks for the responses, tried in safe mode networking and upload is still poor

  Secret-Squirrel 16:42 23 Sep 2014

".......tried in safe mode networking and upload is still poor"

Ah, I wasn't expecting that. My hunch was that there's an over-active process running that's constantly uploading stuff and it's slowing things down. As you have the same problem in Safe Mode then it's unlikely to be that.

I'll post back if I think of something else.

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