What is causing this graphics problem?

  ritchbartlett 09:28 30 Jul 2013

I wonder if anyone can look at the following youtube clip I uploaded and identify the problem I'm having?

click here said "video" rather than gfx card problem in the heading of this thread as the retailer has had the card back, tested it and found it to be working correctly.

The system was purchased about a month ago as a barebones: click here that I purchased an upgraded PSU which was recommended by sales: click here the following gfx card: click here there was the following SSD: click here purchased at the same time and installed with Windows 7 Home.

The items were all checked over for compatibility by sales and sent out.

I built and installed the system and after about a day started to get jittery, freezing, stuttering and complete stops (to black screen) as you can see in the youtube clip. AV software is installed but I scanned the system anyway - nothing. Checked with all the normal issues; drivers, windows update, re-attaching all the cables and checking the RAM and GFX card installs. Everything fine. This looks similar to but isn't a kernel failure issue.

After exhausting my options I did a complete OS reinstall only 48 hours or so after the original install. Worked fine for a couple of days and then it started again. I checked all the drivers and turned off Windows Aero and restarted the system - seemingly fine. I left the system on overnight and it was fine. I turned it off when I went to work and turned on in the evening and lo and behold got the same problem.

It even did it with World of Warcraft and on firefox browsing as well. Anything that required even slight graphics use. The sound stuttered as well and the motherboard restarted but windows stayed on. Odd.

the gfx card was returned and found to be fine, they said it could be the mobo and I should return that too - I've returned the BB now and will await results. I've tried it with an old GFX card and it's okay. Once again retailer checked all items in my order and have confirmed that it's all compatible. Before returning the BB I've also had issued where the system will start and reach the desktop and then freeze completely. Totally unresponsive by all means.

I wonder if any of you guys can take a look and give some suggestions?

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  rdave13 09:43 30 Jul 2013

I would have thought a faulty PSU. Your first link is ok, the others show the products not available. Novatech should sort it out for you.

  ritchbartlett 09:49 30 Jul 2013

Sorry, bad links.

The PSU is: 1">[click here gfx card is: 2">[click here SSD is: 3">[click here

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