What case to buy again!!!

  PC VIRGIN 17:52 01 Oct 2003

Posted a message earlier about what case to buy but need clarification on something.
Just bought Asus ATX Motherboard , Athlon 2600 Processor and 512 Ram so ned to put it in a case, and a bit worried about buying the right size tower for the motherboard to fit in.
Will Midi be ok? or do i have to go for a full tower.Also what PSU is best?

  SDJ 17:57 01 Oct 2003

How much are you willing to spend? is size a factor ie does it have to go in a cupboard?

I have the AMG1000 Plusview click here very nice case, very well built.

Go for a 400w PSU you didnt say what else you are running ie hard disk gfx card etc etc.

  Rtus 18:08 01 Oct 2003

A midi should do fine , It will fit most motherboards into it Cases are generally ATX (unless you desire a Full tower, More room to move in LOL) PSU will come with the case..Also think about how many drives etc your going to use ,And increase the PSU rating to suit if you need to.

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