What can you upgrade on a laptop ?

  Shutt1e 09:50 22 Jul 2006

I was wondering what can you upgrade on a laptop e.g video card ,RAM ,HDD

  Diodorus Siculus 09:57 22 Jul 2006

2 of that 3:

RAM and hard disk

That's about it for most laptops.

  Graham ® 09:58 22 Jul 2006

Unless it is an old one, it is likely to be tightly packed with the best bundle for the price.

It is easy to add peripherals via USB, though.

  Shutt1e 10:00 22 Jul 2006

oh ok because i have a intel gma 900 and every one is saying its rubbish but its says on the intel website it can run half life 2 so i was wondering if i can upgrade that but it msut be fearley good

  Totally-braindead 15:38 22 Jul 2006

I'm afraid I have to agree with the others. The only things you can possibly upgrade are the RAM and perhaps a bigger hard drive.
If your laptop can play half life 2, and I have no way of saying whether this is correct or not ,then I would suggest your laptop isn't bad at all.
Does it really matter what others think if the laptop does all you ask of it?

  Dell latitude 15:53 22 Jul 2006

i aggree with Totally-braindead

  Dell latitude 15:59 22 Jul 2006

But then again it is possible to upgrade a laptops cpu. But this is not something you should do unless you know what your doing. I bought a new cpu for my famous dell latitude lol andmy brother is an ict technician and he installed it for me :-)

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