what can I keep from my existing PC???

  raggy 2 14:58 30 Jan 2006

Hi guys Im about to build my own PC and wondered what can I keep from my PC, I have two hard drives 40/160 a DVD rom/ DVD rewriter, can these be used on my next pc, so then I only need a new processor,a really good graphics card, memory and a sound card. Plus any tips on a good graphics card for gaming would be useful

  rmcqua 15:06 30 Jan 2006

Yes, you can certainly keep the HDDs and the two optical drives. However, if you are looking to get the best speed out of your new PC, you will probably want SATA HDD/s and I'm guessing that your existing ones are ATA (slower).
The graphics card question is likely to attract lots of replies, but basically depends on your budget.

  Pikachu 15:19 30 Jan 2006

You can keep the Hardrives, DVD-ROM, DVD Rewriter and even your current memory ( memory depending on the upgrade you going to make )

Harddrive you may able to get faster ones if you are a hardcore gamer such as Western Digital Raptor drives which are very expensive.

If you a hardcore gamer like myself then for a Graphics I would recommend you a
NVidia GeForce 7800 GTX OC 512MB GDDR3. ( This works well with Battlefield 2 Special Forces :D )
ATI Radeon X1900 ***Crossfire Edition*** 512MB GDDR3

Thats if £500 - £600 for a graphics card is within your budget. Get ATI if your motherboard supports Crossfire or the Nvidia card if it supports SLI.

If you mid budget go for
ATI Radeon X850 XT Crossfire Edition 256MB GDDR3 Or
Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS Extreme XXX Edition 256MB GDDR3

There is a lot to consider now during an upgrade if you are currently using the older 32 bit architecture an upgrading to 64 bit you are going to require a new
- Power Supply (PSU) which is ATX2.0 compliant.
- PCI Express Graphics card ( I have mentioned my recommendation above ) as AGP are currently being phased out.

  raggy 2 15:21 30 Jan 2006

How can you tell if they are ATA or SATA???

  Pikachu 15:26 30 Jan 2006

Are you using Parellel IDE cables Or smaller SATA cables?

If you are using the bigger thicker cables that connect from your motherboard to your Harddrive then you are using IDE, i.e. ATA.

What motherboard do you currently own we can check if it uses SATA.

  Pikachu 15:30 30 Jan 2006

IDE cables picture click here

SATA cables picture
click here

Depending which one your harddrive is using you can determine what your harddrive is.

  raggy 2 18:11 30 Jan 2006

Dark cloud it looks like i am using IDE cables.
My motherboard is an american trends ms 6547 is this all u need to know for the motherboard???

  raggy 2 21:15 30 Jan 2006

does this mean my hard drives will be too slow for my new PC

  Totally-braindead 21:24 30 Jan 2006

Not at all, the SATA drives that have been mentioned are just faster thats all. You can use the existing drives no problem. You don't need to use SATA drives, you could easily use your old drives and later on if you wish buy a SATA drive replacement. Providing you buy a motherboard that has SATA compatability.

To be honest theres 2 questions you need to answer before you can decide what to build. How much money do you wish to spend and are you mad on games.

  raggy 2 21:31 30 Jan 2006

yes im mad on games and looking to spend about £400-£500 any ideas if this will get me a good system

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