What can I do to connect handycam to my PC?

  julius44 19:32 29 Jun 2010

Hello there, I need some urgent help with this problem please!!!! My friend just sold me a brand new sony handycam for £50. This is the link here.

click here#

I think its a nice bargain, as it was an unopened gift for her.
BUT this is my problem I have a dell desktop pc, but it does not have firewire....but i have a few usb ports.....I do NOT want to open up my desktop pc for ANY reason.....is there any kind of EXTERNAL usb to firewire converters please??? I'm not really into opening up my dell desktop pc. Its a Dell dimension 5100 series, purchased in January....no firewire ports,.....but i'd def like to connect the handycam to my desktop please......

  woodchip 19:41 29 Jun 2010

There may be a USB out on the camera, but best way would be to fit a PCI Firewire Card in a Empty slot in the PC. There may be a Firewire Header on the motherboard that you can just connect a front socket to

  julius44 20:39 29 Jun 2010

Thanks woodchip, BUT are there any toher ways please for me to do it WITHOUT opening my pc.

This is a link to my pc:
click here
I have no idea whatsoever if my pc would have or be able to accept a firewire card anyway or whether as u said theres's a firewire header on the motherboard anyway.

What about a usb to firewire converter???

  bazb 20:59 29 Jun 2010

Hi Julius

some convertors here click here

Good Luck


  julius44 21:29 29 Jun 2010

Thnaks Bazb, ive now changed my mind, and i wish to ATTEMPT to install a PCI firewire card in my desktop. The problem is i'm hoping that my desktop PC will accept it...how can i find out pls? a free slot.

Here is a link to it....its a Dell Dimension 5150 desktop pc running windows XP....link is here:

click here

If someone can pls tell me/confirm that my desktop pc of 4 years old WILL accept a PCI firewire card, AND where to get it from cheaply that will be much appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 21:45 29 Jun 2010

2 PCI slots
1 PCIe x 1 slot
1 PCIe x 16 (graphics) slot

TWO available PCI slots

click here

card and cable from here

  julius44 22:19 29 Jun 2010

Many thanks MAT ALAN, from your reply i'm assuming that u mean that my desktop HAS the slots that u mentioned above, and that it can accept the pci firewire card?? If yes, can u please tell me how u got the info pls, as i wouldnt know where to look(either on the net on on my desktop itself!!)....Also pls could u also point me in the way of any EASY installation videos please on how to install a pci firewire card 100% easily pls!!!!

  MAT ALAN 22:27 29 Jun 2010

click here

tech. specs. from your link...

click here

click here

how to...

  hastelloy 01:00 30 Jun 2010

I connect my camcorder to my DVD recorder and record to DVD. Its then easy to copy the files to the PC for editing.

  julius44 18:56 01 Jul 2010

Good evening Mat Alan, thanks for your post the other day, i ordered the software with the link cable from the Amazon website that u mentioned here,

click here

It came with a cable, and ive tried to connect the cable to the DC IN outlet on the camcorder, but it wont fit!!!! I've looked round the camcorder, and i can't seem to find anywhere else to fit the calbe into please!!!!
I'm just about to ATTEMPT to install the pci firewire card now......but just need your help with the cable issue first please

  MAT ALAN 19:29 01 Jul 2010

click here


should be a DV port like the one in the link...

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