What broadband provider do you recommend.

  charlton200 18:07 08 Nov 2005

My wife keeps bugging me to go to on broadband. And she is warring me down, so I shall have to give in. Although I am looking forward to it myself really.
I am with freeserve anytime now.

I was wondering if you good people could tell me who you are with and if you recommend them.

And also if there is anything I have to consider before doing so.

I know that broadband is available in my area.

Thanks very much.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 08 Nov 2005

Wnandoo is as good as any but I would ask my near neighbours who they use and if they are happy. As you are with Freeserve already I would go to Wanadoo.


  johnnyrocker 18:12 08 Nov 2005

depends where you are but i suggest you click here and have a look at the isp comparitor most people will recommend their own one if their connection is ok so you will end up no wiser really.


  sqnldrjimbo 18:43 08 Nov 2005

I thoroughly recommend Pipex for broadband. They may not be the cheapest but their service is excellent. If you call for help the phone is answered immediately and the assistance is very good and friendly. Assistance is very important, since in my experience, nothing in this life is ever perfect! If you never need help, that's great, but it's nice to know it's there if you ever do.

Ones to avoid from my experience of poor assistance are AOL and Tiscali. Tiscali kept trying to charge me after I had cancelled (within the rules of the contract) and threatened to send in the bailiffs for £9.00 they claimed I still owed them!!! I don't know if they have resolved their problems, but Bulldog have had issues in the past of charging customers and not providing the service.

If you are going for broadband for general surfing and email with the occasional download do not be swayed by the expensive highest speed connections. Unless you are a serious on-line gamer you will find a 1Gb connection quite sufficient. I have a 1Gb connection, using it for on-line Share Trading, so need a reliable and fast connection; this easily serves my purpose. I also download a great deal of software and software updates and have never been wanting for greater speed.

Hope this helps. Jimbo &:-)

  Stuartli 18:45 08 Nov 2005

I'm sure he will...:-)

I think you mean 1MB.

  odeniyi 18:49 08 Nov 2005

We've been with them through dial up and on broadband for 3 years.

They offer good 24x7 support via an 0845 number and deliver a reliable service.

  Jamesy 19:22 08 Nov 2005

you don't mention if you're in an area that supports cable internet or not. if so go with blueyonder. i have used them for 3 years and been very happy. i had a ADSL connection for a while before i switched to blueyonder. very reliable connection, ultra-fast connex (10mbit for £35 a month now). top notch, hasn't gone down on me yet in 3 years.

  palinka 19:28 08 Nov 2005

It's getting more and more complicated to choose a supplier because they are all offering "extras" eg 500 mins free landline phoine calls a month. etc. It depends what you want to use it for and how much you want to pay.
I use Pipex, a friend has just signed up to
Free-online. Best advice is to look at the various comparator sites (and print them out so you can study at your leisure - make good bedtime reading!)

  bukkaz 19:36 08 Nov 2005

I've been with Tiscali for 4 years and never had a problem other than a couple of hours when the service was down. Daughter in law has been with Wannadoo for 6 months and has had nothing but trouble, especially after moving and trying to get broadband at new address which is only half a mile from her first house despite assurances by them it wouldn't bea problem. Now been in new address 2months and still not sorted out.

I'm always amazed at the criticism Tiscali seem to get on here as myself and others I know who use them have not had any problems.

  i.tech 19:47 08 Nov 2005

This is from my own experience only so may not help. In a cable area I had very good service via NTL, however over a BT line I'd stay away (although NTL freedom aren't taking any new customers anyway - they bought Vifgin so I'd stay away from them also). Tiscali were also good for connections but I found there customer service lousy and they kept cancelling my direct debit for no reason then sending me nasty red reminder letters!! Wanadoo (back when it was freeserve) were great for my dial-up and my brother uses them for broadband and has had no problems. I have also heard a lot of good things about plusnet which is the company I will be moving to next week when my contract with Tiscali is up.

  charlton200 08:15 09 Nov 2005

Thanks for all your advice chaps,you have been very helpfull.


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