What Blu Ray writer/ player should I buy?

  samguyevans 23:07 24 May 2017

Right so I know hardly anything about Blu Ray players etc. I have a PC with no disc drive bays or anything and I would like to pick up an external Blu Ray drive. I'm super into films and have started building up my Blu Ray collection and so I was wondering what external Blu Ray player/ writer I should get where I could watch these films through my PC. In addition to this, if there is a drive or some software that will allow me to copy across these films onto my PC that would be super dope but the main thing is just having an external drive.. Thanks in advance to any help :)

  wee eddie 23:33 24 May 2017

Rather late in the day, aren't you.

I thought that Disk based movies had almost died a death. However, thinking about it. Those that live in areas with Slow/No Broadband will be stuck with the technology for a while yet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:31 25 May 2017

What are you playing them on now? some DVD players will let you rip to USB?

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