What bios settings for Athlon XP 1900+

  anchor 09:04 11 Oct 2003

I had originally planned to upgrade my processor to an Athlon XP 2100+. My motherboard is an Asus A7M266 but I have now found that it will only support a Palomino core, (with a bios upgrade).

Unfortunately, it appears that those 2100+ processors currently available have a Thoroughbred core. Thus I will have an Athlon XP 1900+, which is a Palomino.

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What settings should I use in my Award bios for this processor.

Those available are:

"operating frequency setting"

"CPU clock multiplier"

"Set system operation frequency"

"system frequency"

Thanks for your help.

  Rtus 10:23 11 Oct 2003
  Rtus 10:27 11 Oct 2003

defective 1st link ..try again click here
I havent downloaded the manual but > Note settings for FSB jumper ( if board has them )in manual it should guide you through bios settings

  Elrond 10:28 11 Oct 2003

What is your current processor?

  Rtus 10:30 11 Oct 2003

Sorry not awake yet both links lead to same page (DOH ) click on manual when your there & download it..

  bremner 10:38 11 Oct 2003

133FSB and multiplier to 12

  anchor 08:44 13 Oct 2003

Thanks for the replies; sorry for the delay in responding but I was away for the weekend.

I have the manual for my motherboard, (which is jumper free), which was supplied by Evesham.

My present processor is an Athlon 1.333Mhz.

  anchor 19:37 13 Oct 2003


I can see on the bios listing on my initial posting where I should enter "multiplier", (i.e. "CPU clock multiplier" ), but where should I enter "133FSB".

  The Sack 20:35 13 Oct 2003

You cannot alter the multiplier of the chip unless you have sorted the bridges out, it is fixed at 12.

The Front side bus frequency is normaly next to the multiplier.

  anchor 09:11 16 Oct 2003

As there is nothing further on this matter, I will click resolved.

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