What is the best way to get connected to the internet using my mobile phone?

  geek84 10:12 26 Feb 2012

Hi folks

I have an HTC Wildfire S. Usually, when I click on the internet icon, the phone connects to the internet (after about 20 or 30 seconds).

However, there is also an option on my phone to turn on the wi-fi, before attempting to connect to the internet.

Can someone please advice the purpose of this wi-fi and the pros/cons of turning it on prior to attempting to connect to the internet.

Thanks in advance for your response.

  difarn 12:54 26 Feb 2012

My understanding, and I use this on my Blackberry is that when you connect to the internet by just clicking on the icon on your phone you are receiving it via the 3G network - the cost of doing this is included in your "package" and you need to check what your limit is.

Using the wifi option is for local area connections to wifi hotspots/home networks etc when you will be using the private internet networks - if you connect to your home router, for example, or a router in someone else's home, you will be using the broadband connection and no extra costs should be incurred. When you connect to a wifi hotspot in a public place you may or may not have to pay. If you have a set limit on your phone's 3G internet provision then it would be more economical to connect to the internet by wifi whenever you can.

The beauty of having an internet ready phone is that you can tether it to a laptop to receive the internet on the go through the mobile 3G network - again this may or may not mean that you will have to pay a "bundle" charge - I have to purchase a bundle when I take my laptop abroad and connect this way with my Blackberry (it can be expensive so is only used when really necessary.

Hope this helps - and hope I have explained it properly. All works for me this way anyway.

  mgmcc 20:25 26 Feb 2012

"I have an HTC Wildfire S"

I have the same phone. You can connect to the internet by enabling "Mobile Network" and, depending on the service available, will get a 2G GPRS/EDGE connection or 3G/HSDPA connection. The actual connection will be indicated by G, E, 3G or H.

You can also enable WiFi and connect to a wireless broadband router for internet access. When doing this, the "Mobile Network" connection is automatically disabled.

Additionally, you can enable "Mobile Network" for internet access and then enable "WiFi Hotspot", so that the phone performs as a WiFi broadband router to which you can connect another device such as Netbook, Laptop, Tablet PC etc.

  finerty 10:41 08 Mar 2012

thinks it might be very costly if you overt your limit

  woodchip 21:18 09 Mar 2012

With WiFi, you an connect for free using free HotSpot like McDonalds

  finerty 01:08 18 Mar 2012

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