what is the best way to distribute my RAM?

  JohnnyAlucarD 11:01 11 Jan 2005

Hi - can someone here help me? I have a Sony Vaio laptop running maya 6. It runs pretty much fine except when I am using image plains - if I try to pull in very, very close the image plain disapears. I cannot update the driver for the graphic card (Radeon IGP 345M) as I can't find any for that model either at Sony site or ATI. I have 512mb RAM installed - in the bios I have the ability to switch part of it around either to my (intigrated) video card or to the main memory of the pc. Which would be the better option (my card can take 32,64 or 128 from the 512). Initial setting of the card ram was 64 - because of the vanishing image plains I switched it to 128 - but made no difference. My system currently has 384mb system ram and 128 graphic card ram - for running maya does anyone know which would be the best distribution of ram - more to the graphics display or more to the system?

Thanks in advance...

  Completealias 13:19 11 Jan 2005

Completey depends on what you're doing at the time. If you are doing more graphics intensive stuff then you 'll prob want to put more to your graphics card althought this does cut down on system RAM available which will effect system performance. If you do alot of graphics work you may want to consider upgrading your memory with another 512 stick this will mean you can have the most memory dedicated to your graphics card and still plently free for your system RAM graphics work is memeory hungry

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