What is the best way to clean a TFT screen?

  Legolas 10:31 06 Nov 2003

Same as the title

What is the best way to clean a TFT screen?

  [DELETED] 10:38 06 Nov 2003

I've only got mine about a week or so, Legolas, so I just give it a little light dust-over with a clean cloth, but it will be interesting to know how to clean it properly.

  [DELETED] 10:49 06 Nov 2003

I've had mine a year, and do the same thing....

  [DELETED] 11:36 06 Nov 2003

There are two ways to clean a TFT screen, 1. a weak solution of washing up liquid in warm water or a proprietory brand. Use a Paper towel and press very lightly on the screen, then finish of with a clean paper towel. In all circumstances make sure your computer is disconnected from the mains. If you clean your screen and keep a clean duster every day when you have finished with your computer wipe the sceen with your clean duster and it should not require a proper clean for months.

  [DELETED] 13:00 06 Nov 2003

As Cesar says, but use a soft cotton cloth and not Paper towel. Paper is too harsh and may scratch the coating over a period of time.

Clean with hardly any pressure at all, just a gentle wipe over the screen with the monitor turned off. An old T shirt cut into small pieces is ideal for this.

I have not had to clean mine yet, but have done so with my Son's Laptop several times and the above method works fine. j.

  Legolas 21:32 06 Nov 2003

Thanks for the above suggestions, the answer to my query seems to be 'very gently'

  [DELETED] 22:53 06 Nov 2003
  woodchip 23:02 06 Nov 2003

Paper towel scratched my scratch resistant glasses, so much that I got new lenses for free as they did not warn me. And that?s a lot harder plastic than your TFT screen

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