What is the best video converter?

  MUTID 18:25 13 Sep 2008


Could you tell me what the best video converter is for creating DVD's that will work on most DVD players. The one I am using at the minuite (convertxtodvd) converts fine but the quality is awfull. I have tried it several times and everytime it freezes for a few seconds a number of times through the video.


  crosstrainer 18:36 13 Sep 2008

It's a big topic this, and one that may be better suited to the Digital World section....


Your software is only as good as the kit you are using to render / burn the DVD's

A dedicated capture card (not usb) Of the likes of:

click here

Will make things a lot better.

  eedcam 18:56 13 Sep 2008

What are you converting from Mutid that has a bearing as well

  jimv7 20:14 13 Sep 2008

Nero vision express part of nero for creating dvd's from various file formats and

DVDshrink for backing up existing dvd's click here

  jbaker65 10:30 14 Sep 2008

One of the best is AVS Video Converter.
It's not free but is quite reasonable.
click here

  worcesterman47 12:30 14 Sep 2008

hi, i have used the same prog you use for many many conversions...always works fine..but 1 thing to remember ( as you say quality is awful)..is to make sure you have set to convert in PAL format..as when i have to reinstall convertxtodvd.it ALWAYS defaults to NTSC ..therefore quality is absolutely rubbish ( greeny/grey colour )when playing dvd's on tv..just a suggestion :)

  martd77 13:18 14 Sep 2008

Ive used convertx extensively without any quality problems,check the settings?the encoding is what determines the quality,you have 3 choices,high,medium and low,goes without saying which delivers the best quality and also takes up the most disc space.
The "freezing" could indicate a file type the programs not compatible with although ive not yet found one,MKV is a bit iffy it throws the audio out of sync but the company is working on that

  martjc 13:53 14 Sep 2008

...jbaker65 on this. Used AVS quite a lot and never had a problem.

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