what is best to upgrade on my pc for gaming

  canyoncrash 06:46 19 May 2012

hallo im looking to upgrade my pc to be ready for mop from wow. im hoping there is a cheap way to get 60 fps on full status but not sure what is the slowest part of my pc sins i dont know aloth from it. this is my pc status: windows 7 intel core i7 cpu [email protected] 2.93 Ghz cpu speed: 2.95 system memory: 5.99gb ATI HD 5800 series 3.73gb memory video card driver: aticfx32.dll hard disk size 931.41GB (88%free)

  KRONOS the First 07:50 19 May 2012

Download and install SIW the free version is enough. Then after installing and running please click on the Video heading under Hardware on the left hand side. This will tell you what graphics card you have. You have posted HD 5800 this is the series not your actual graphics card.It could be either a 5830/5850 or 5870.Are you using Windows 7 if so is it 32 or 64 BIT? What frames per second are you getting now?

  canyoncrash 08:51 19 May 2012

its a 5870 and a 64B windows 7 and on 25man full graficc i only get like 20 fps atm

  KRONOS the First 09:19 19 May 2012

You might find this useful. Speckie.

Sorry but what does on 25man full graphic mean?

You should be getting a decent framerate with that card and upgrading would not necessarily be cheap. You only have a small amount of RAM for 64 BIT Windows 7 so you could look at adding more. What size monitor are you using? I cannot really advise further till I get back to my desktop, changing cases,PSU and graphics card at the moment. But will have a look later.

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  canyoncrash 11:35 19 May 2012

i mean 25 man raid group on full grafic and 6gig ram not enough?

  KRONOS the First 12:26 19 May 2012

You put 2.95 system memory.

Anyway your card can easily handle W O W and you should get top frame-rates, see hereHd5870 and W O W. According to that you should be getting 97fps with 8x AA on a 24 inch monitor.

  canyoncrash 21:30 20 May 2012

wel its pritty rare i get 60 fps and i dont know what i got some addons but not that mutsh to get low fame rate. so its a other problem then not the system i got what gives me the low fps?

  canyoncrash 05:34 22 May 2012

is it maby possible that my motherbord is slowing my pc down or that dusnt matter that mutsh?

  canyoncrash 05:40 22 May 2012

i got a 01996 motherbord so dont know if that is any good

  canyoncrash 06:13 22 May 2012

oeps mislookt motherbord is MS-7616

  KRONOS the First 06:52 22 May 2012

I presume your PC is a Medion? It would be helpful if you could give the model number which you will find on the PC somewhere.

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