What is the best thing to do with photo file,s

  mammak 23:08 05 Aug 2003

Hi all i am an novice at this but getting there
just learned how to copy digital photo,s to cd-rw
using nero 5.5, well i am happy with result,s ,
but my pics folder is a big file size would it be better for me to compress it, i really dont want to delete it incase the cd go,s on me and i lose all my photos sorry for being such a novice
but i love my pics, window,s xp pro. Mammak

  User-312386 23:15 05 Aug 2003

i assume your digital photos are in .jpeg format?

if they are, they are allready compressed

How big is the folder in MB's ?

  Forum Editor 23:19 05 Aug 2003

Modern hard drives are pretty vast, and unless you are short of space I don't recommend compressing anything - especially not images. You have a CD archive, so your images are safe enough - the CD's aren't likely to "go" on you unless you mistreat them. The best course of action now would be to move the image files to a separate partition on your hard drive - that way the files will be safe if it's ever necessary to format the drive.

  mammak 23:20 05 Aug 2003

madboy33®© its about 40mb which i know is big time short of the disc buti am just worried about my cdrive using to much space

  Confab 23:22 05 Aug 2003

Just one thing. Don't save your pics on to a CDRW they are very unreliable and your prone to unrecoverable errors. Save your pics to a CDR and burn at the slowest possible speed. If you really want to make sure you don't lose your pics then back up your pics to another CDR and store it somewhere separate.


  Confab 23:23 05 Aug 2003

Must disagree on this one CDRW's "go" all the time! At least mine do anyway.

  canard 23:24 05 Aug 2003

Don't worry Mammak you've probably got a big HD so have lots of space for your pics. Very large files are a bit hefty for my documents but perfectly OK in explorer and viewing on CD is less efficient than keeping files on HD.

  marjted 23:25 05 Aug 2003

If some of your pics are especially valuable to you then suggest you make a second backup copy of these. Also, if you intend keeping these special files to print out from at a future date then you might consider not compressing them at all, I save my most valuable ones in TIFF format It takes up more disc space but you keep all the information and quality.

Those intended for slide shows can be reduced in pixel dimension size before converting to JPEG and so be smaller still.

It really depends on what you want to do with them.

  mammak 23:26 05 Aug 2003

thanks FE i think i know what you mean they are backed up on my hard drive and on cd so it looks like i will be ok thanks again, Mammak

  mammak 23:35 05 Aug 2003

Thanks to all, took note of all you have said
and will i think back up and back up again, and again lol, no thank you all,just have some photo,s i dont want to lose i dont think i will now with all your good advice thank,s again, Mammak

  User-312386 16:29 06 Aug 2003

I have work pictures on my HDD that now totals 2GB

so as you can see 40mb is not a lot

Have you thought about getting a ZIP drive?

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