What is the best scan I can get of a document?

  buel 21:46 14 Oct 2013

Hi, I have a number of threads running at the moment so i apologise for starting another one but i imagine this will be an easy one for those who know about this sort of thing:

I have a recently purchased a very special document (to me) and I want to scan it and get it professionally printed so i can give the copied document back to who i bought it off so at least they can have a copy of it. I have a Brother LC985 scanner and copier but i imagine that this is not the best there is and i imagine it is very much a one-size-fits-all scanner so my question is what is the best way to get this scanned? Are there companies that do this sort of thing? I hope my question doesn't read as odd as it does to me.

Thank you in advance.

  Woolwell 22:28 14 Oct 2013

Quite difficult to answer without knowing the size of the document, what material it is, printed or handwritten and what condition. Your scanner may be suitable.

  lotvic 22:46 14 Oct 2013

If you want to 'get it professionally printed' I think you should start from there - find out who can do the printing and ask them if they scan or what pic file format and Image resolution, DPI, PPI of scan they will accept.

As Woolwell has pointed out it's difficult to answer without knowing further details of the document type.

  buel 22:52 14 Oct 2013

Apologies and thank you.

The document is over 50 years old on A4 paper and is a bit faded but not too bad. It is handwritten.

  Woolwell 22:55 14 Oct 2013

Your scanner may be suitable. Try it and see. Professional printing for a one off document could be quite expensive. Have you tried a good quality photo copy service? It does depend on what sort of paper you want the copy printed on.

  wiz-king 05:44 15 Oct 2013

Most scanners will do 1200 dpi but try it a 300 and do any adjustments to background colour then try a 1200.

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