What is the best printer to buy

  Tim Dalton 18:56 17 Jun 2003

I currently own a Z32 printer which came free with my PC, but it isn't very good and the cartridges for Lexmark seem more expensive compared to Epson's etc...

I would like to buy a new good quality, high resolution photo quality printer, but don't know which one to buy, any advice people?

On My Z32 you see tiny little yellow dots which make up the picture, I don't want that with my printer. I've seen a few combined, p/c scanner, printers but don't know which is the best buy. I also don't want to folk out £35 for a new ink cartridge too!


  OneSirKnight 19:05 17 Jun 2003

I Have a D145 from hp excellent but a bit expensive , it has double sided printing/ memory card readers/ built in fax/ fast scanning and printing/ no complaints at all, there are cheaper versions for around £150. true in inks a bit dearer,but they are lager capacity/ and can easily be refilled,
you will of course receive more recommendations i'm sure, if you live near a comet store go and have a look, they have some bargains at present.
# good luck.

  topdraw 19:08 17 Jun 2003

Buy an Epson C62 for £69, buy non original cartridges for a fraction of the price and you won't worry to much about anything because everything is cheap.

The quality of prints are great, read PC advisor's Top ten printer's, the C62 is now second after being first for a very long time. This is the best advice I can give you.

  Andybear 19:08 17 Jun 2003

I use the Epson C62 Stylus, which is great and did very well in PCA tests. Amazon are selling it for £69. It has the following two customer reviews:

At [the price] you would expect a rather low featured printer with the resoltuion of a type writer. However EPSON obviously love to surprise. The EPSON C62 has extremley high resolution for photo and text printing. The installation was fine on Windows XP, just plug the printer in, wait for detection then install the drivers. Overall a great printer that is fully loaded for a cheap price.

As soon as I saw the Epson C62 I knew that printer was going to be popular. The 5760 dpi resolution and the affordable...price tag.
Just because the price is low doesn't mean the quality and speed is low, well espicially not with this printer anyway. I took four family photos on Christmas Day and printed them out with the samples of photo paper supplied with the printer. The print quality was AMAZING! I had never seen such a clear and detailed photo from an inkjet printer before. BOTH PRINT CARTRIDGES (BLACK AND COLOUR) WERE SUPPLIED.
The only little glich when buying this printer is, no printer leads or USB Cables are supplied.

(One of the reviews says there were no printer leads or cables. I bought mine from Mesh and it had both parallel and USB cables included, plus the main electrical lead. Mesh are selling it for £81.08).

  Bramblerose 21:24 17 Jun 2003

I have just recently bought one of these and am very pleased with it - the original outlay (at PC World) was £169.99 for the printer and the refills are £7.99 for the black and £6.99 for the colours - its uses 4 cartridges. I have used it constantly every day for the last week or so producing lots of material and have printed out some photos as well which are of an amazing quality. I have just replaced the black "starter" ink that came with it, the colours are still going strong so far.

I read a write up of it on here which gave it a good review. It doesnt come with connector cables but does come with some software.

I think it depends on what you need - I needed a robust, quality printer that can churn out stuff for my job quickly, reliably and of good quality. I also need to produce photographic quality at times and this printer fits the bill, its also VERY quiet!

Good luck with whatever you choose

  topdraw 21:54 17 Jun 2003

The Canon i850 was my first choice but my wife would not spend that much, we don't have the need for all that quality. It is now top of the pile as far as PC advisor is concerned.

  Djohn 22:19 17 Jun 2003

The three big names in Ink-jet printers, Canon/Epson/HP, are all fine printers, Epson seem to be the cheapest for compatible ink supplies, but, they need to be. (Tend to use a lot of ink in constant head cleaning).

They do provide good prints though, and I have found their after-sales service to be first class.

Presently own an HP 7350, very pleased with everything about it except, ink is expensive. But you do get a new print-head with each cartridge.

Some of the Canon printers, (If not all), but certainly with the i range you have the best of both worlds. The print-head is separate from both printer and cartridge, you can replace the cartridges only, until the print quality deteriorates, then replace the print-head as well.

All good printers, but don't compare a £65.00 printer with one costing £160.00 to £200.00. It's a little unfair. Regards. j.

  Tim Dalton 22:40 17 Jun 2003

Just bid ona new one on ebay for £30. Thanks for the advice!

  cagey 23:25 17 Jun 2003

Just bought an Epson C62 from The ComputerWorld (formerly Time/Tiny) only £39.99. Absolutely delighted with print quality, what a bargain. By the way you have to buy a USB cable from them another £9.99, but still a bargain for such a good printer.

  rins36 00:54 18 Jun 2003

I have Epson photo 830 & pleased with both text & photo prints that I have done, used Epson for about 6+yrs now

check out click here for inks

  deannatrois 03:01 18 Jun 2003

I have overly optimistically bought several Epson printers over the years (more fool me) cause as far as specs go, they seemingly offer value for money. I bought an Epson 925 just over 5 weeks ago and had constant problems with it, including the fact that the ink cartridges ran out (the black after printing only 200 pages and all the colour cartridges ran out at the same time). I had problems using Word (I had Office XP pro installed) from the moment I installed the Espon software (not happened before or since) which lost me an awful lot of time when I was under pressure anyway. Tech support was unbelievably bad - they did respond to my email querying what I could do but the information given was out of date for my new PC inspite of stating the type of PC I had and the software installed.

Usually, I have found that Epson printers do well for the first few months and then printer head problems develop so u have to buy a new printer. When u ask salespeople, they are very enthusiastic about Epson printers, but I can't say that my experience bears this out. As I said, the problems have not been a one off.., I have had several over the years (usually because they break).

I changed my last Epson for a HP Photosmart 7550 which produces photo's so good a relative couldn't tell they weren't shop produced! I have printed a lot out (over 300 pages of black text) and the cartridges are still half full. Because the printer heads are on the cartridges, u don't need to worry about the printer head going and replacing the whole printer (as I believe u do with Canon and Epson) and I have found an online place that sells the cartridges for about £18-£20 (depending on whether colour or black), which is reasonable for the use I am getting out of them.
All I can say is that I wish I had saved myself some money in the long run and bought a HP printer a lot sooner.

Think carefully about buying an Epson.., please.

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