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What is the best portable speaker for me?

  Tom Daly 22:18 05 Jan 2017

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best portable speaker to buy? I want one that plays music at good quality but also at a loud enough volume so it can be used for parties and other events. Essentially I want a really loud speaker that plays music at good quality. I'm a uni student so I didn't really know if Sonos was an option as I don't know whether it would work with the university wifi, unless someone can please correct me, so I'm trying to buy the next best speaker possible. Thanks for everyones help in advance

  Forum Editor 22:24 05 Jan 2017

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  wee eddie 12:26 08 Jan 2017

The nature of Parties is: - Lots of bodies, which absorb sound, and chat, the level of which rises as the volume of the background music increases.

If you add to that the word you have used, portable, and you get a contradiction which you are never going to solve.

The new Marshal Speaker has been given a good review, but at best, it's not going to solve your party problem

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