what is the best graphics card for £150?

  dfghjkl 22:31 02 May 2004

i am not showing off,but i have £150 to spend on a graphics card (hard work,and saving)i have a 2500+ amd and need to replace my mx440.i watch a lot of streaming video and play the odd game,my kids play games.i am after a 5900 or maybe a 9800 ati,i would prefer a 5900.i have been looking at the recent gigabyte fx5900 with 128 memory(5th in last months pca graphics card top 10)
i have seen some ati 9800 pro models for just a little over £150,but i would take a little convincing to move over to ati.any advice will be welcome,thanks,peter.

  BeForU 22:54 02 May 2004

Go for the ATI 9800 Pro's since they are much better than the Nvidia 5900 and even 5950. Many benchmarks already prove this. But then they are just benchmarks. But I do hear alot of people are saying that the 9800 Pro is a very good card.

You might be lucky to find one within your current budget range since the new generation of cards are coming out, the prices of the 'used-to-be' King of graphics are dropping considerably.

  byfordr 23:06 02 May 2004

No messing around 9800 pro... £140 click here Sapphire (decent brand) comes with everything you need to get it working (no games) Free delivery at the moment, ordered one yesterday.

Got a 9800 pro on another computer at the moment. It rocks, spanks Nvidia in a convincing way. Only slightly less performance than the 9800 xt which is twice the price.



  dfghjkl 12:06 03 May 2004


  dfghjkl 19:22 03 May 2004

the 9800 looks good,i had a look on ebuyer and they had one called "atlantis" and one not called "atlantis" that was £22 cheaper.no details as to the differance.any clues or recomendations please?

  rickimalone 19:33 03 May 2004

If you buy the Radeon Pro you will need to connect it directly to your motherboards power supply.

If you are using anything less than a very good quality 350watt or standard 400watt PSU you PC may well become unstable....

You may well have to improve cooling in your case as things will get very hot with a basic 1 in 1 out fan set upand you may requirea new case ...

The Radeon Pro is a big card what motherboard do you have as you might have an issue with clearance with the card and PCI devices....

Also with all that power you may well being held back by you CPU....

The Radeon 9800 Pro is an amazing card however if I had a pound for every person who has bought it and then requested help because of the reasons given above I would be a very rich man....

  skell 19:45 03 May 2004

I bought a gigabyte radeon 9800pro from dabs.com for £174 which came with three games tomb raider, willrock and rainbow six3 Raven shield. Also in the box was PowerDVD5 sofware and all the leads you require for installing plus the driver disk. Some 9800pro cards dont come with such a good bundle of software and in some cases not even the driver disk. So make sure you get a full retail card. For £174 i think that's a bargain with such a good selection of software. But if £150 is your max you can deffinatly get one for that price. It is a great card and competes good with some top of the range cards for sure. My 3Dmark03 result was 5642 which is pretty good.

  dfghjkl 22:25 03 May 2004

my board is a msi kt4av,6 pci slots,3 spare.just moved from small tower to a larger one,to get the psu away from the cpu.i have an xp2500+,so no problems so far.i do know that my psu is on the edge,it is a relativly new 300watt.i belive there have been driver issues with the kt400 chipset,but i have live update,so i should be ox.
it is only the power supply that is a possible weak spot,but i would have the same issues whatever i bought,wouldnt i?
thanks,keep up the reccomendations,i have not decided yet.thanks,peter.

  Night Ryder 22:40 03 May 2004

Take a look at this site.
click here

  ThePharcyde007 22:57 03 May 2004


If you buy the Radeon Pro you will need to connect it directly to your motherboards power supply.
If you are using anything less than a very good quality 350watt or standard 400watt PSU you PC may well"

Im running a 300Watt using a Rad9800Pro P4 3.4 1GBmem so 350Watt totally cool

my psu came from PCWorld too!

  ThePharcyde007 23:00 03 May 2004

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