what is the best DVD R disks for copying and play

  DrLector 21:04 24 Dec 2003

iv just got a dvd burner and the dvd x copy program, iv burnt 2 films and thay work grate on my pc but one work on my home dvd player/recorder
and the other one just wont play (same make disks) im useing DVD+R from my home dvd recorder.
what is the best disk for recording and then playing on any player.

  tartanterror 21:18 24 Dec 2003

my preference is dvd-r "ritek" never had any compatability problems

  y_not 07:14 25 Dec 2003

As I understand more DVD players read DVD minus format than the DVD plus format - to check the compatibility you could click here

  QQAA 07:46 25 Dec 2003

Ritek (recently making record profits as is the case with a few Taiwanese majors) ia reliable Taiwanese brand and is worth trying out. I think it is making both DVD+R and DVD-R discs.

By the way, I am quite tired with the co-existent of DVD+RW (probably an evolution from the CD-RW format) and DVD-RW. I probably will not buy any DVD writer for my PC until the fierce format war is settled. Besides, the useful CD-RW writer has (strangely) barely taken over the CD-ROM as a default PC pheriperal. I think it deserved to be around for a longer time.

I guess the current stalemate in DVD writer format war is because both parties have learned valuable lessons from the past failure of the Sony Beta format against the Panasonic VHS format. With no one making major mistakes along the way, it would therefore take a much longer time for the victor to emerge. Personally, I feel that the DVD+RW format may be the ultimate survivor.

  antoni34 09:01 25 Dec 2003

I use Bulkpaq 4x from click here, and have never had any coasters !!!!

  Stuartli 09:49 25 Dec 2003

I think you have better read the comments about Ritek near the bottom of this web page....:-)

click here

  Stuartli 09:51 25 Dec 2003

The main thing with any form of media, whether it be CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R, is to buy the best quality disks - it not only ensures quality but also longevity.

See the same link as the one I've provided for QQAA to find out the best, average and poor media manufacturers of the less than a score factories who produce media.

  QQAA 11:06 25 Dec 2003

I have gone to the referral website (CD Media World) pointed out by Stuartli, whereby different brands of CD-R (not DVD±R) media are graded by their reliability by the author who wrote the comparison article.

If I do not remember wrongly, I have come across the same article in the same websit more than a year ago. Therefore, unless somebody step up and tell us precisely their most recent experiences with the performance of CD-R and DVD±R media made by Ritek, I would like to reserve my objectivity on this quality issue.

Besides, I am not sure whether there is any established 'correlation' between the quality of CD-R and DVD±R media made by manufacturers. Therefore, makers of 'poor-quality' CD-R discs (said to be Ritek by the article author) may not be obliged to produce 'equally bad' DVD±R discs.

I tend to think the increasing market demand and higher profit margins on DVD±R and DVD±RW discs (otherwise, how did those major Taiwanese makers make record profit in recent quarters?) should be a positive factor in encouraging the major makers to make good-quality media.

Let's wait for more comments and encounters by others in this forum to shed more lights on this interesting topic that many of us would not mind learning more about it.

  Rayuk 11:12 25 Dec 2003

I have a Pioneer 106D writer and have used
Ridata[RitekGO4dye] Datasafe Media[RitekGO4dye] and Mirror Platinum[cannot remember dye used{notRitekGO4}]

The Ridata and Datasafe seem to play on a wider variety of dvd players whereas the Mirror is more selective.

For more insight into anything dvd related visit
click here

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